15 min Yoga for Sleep – Day #4 (EVENING YOGA FLOW)

Yoga Tips for Beginners – How Often Should You Practice Yoga?

“How often should I practice Yoga?” is one of those questions most frequently asked of Yoga instructors. Like other theories involving the practice, answers vary from “as often as possible” to “once or twice a week.” Not only do both sides of the debate have valid concerns, but every student has individual needs, as well.

So, What Is Yoga About Anyway?

The name itself attracts attention and makes you wonder. This word is associated with an image of flexible person, able to do on his body unusual things. Yoga person is physically strong, tough and always remains in a good mood. Yogis are believed to be closer to God because of their achievements of physical and mental perfection. How can a simple man be so in control of his body? Well, if he wants, and make enough efforts he can, and no special sort of man is required.

Does Yoga Really Cure Disease?

Does Yoga really cure disease and heal the body? You might be surprised what a simple and moderate Yoga routine can do for your health, and it could mean saving money on doctor’s bills and quick weight loss gimmicks.

Empowered Actively

Yoga can help seniors retain independence and quality of life. Falls can be devastating and potentially life-ending. Yoga helps to regain a sense of stability and reduce the risk of falls.

Pranayama Yoga – Not Only On Your Mat!

The wave of yoga that has swept the nation has made this practice very common. But what is yoga? In the base of any type of yoga stands the pranayama, the art of breathing into our life force. This practice is not as known as the yoga positions that are commonly practiced in yoga centers all over the country and the world, and in this article I will introduce the roots of pranayama yoga.

Yoga Guidelines

There are certain things that you must take care of when you want to start practicing yoga. Some of these basic guidelines would benefit beginners, in particular, although anyone can sometimes use a refresher!

Chair Yoga for Diabetes

Although diabetes varies in severity, many sufferers have ailments that limit their social and physical activities. Others are looking for ways to maintain good health and lessen the effects of the disease. Chair Yoga classes can become a place to share friendship and support, as well as to learn new ways of coping with a chronic illness.

Yoga Moves for Snowboarders

Flying down the side of a snow-covered ski slope, in boots attached to a snowboard, may not sound compatible with the gently flowing asanas of Yoga. Snowboarding is a strenuous sport that requires preparation and takes a toll on the joints. Yoga is an ancient healing art that consists of slow and deliberate movements. Yet, many winter sport enthusiasts are finding…

How to Improve Your Eyesight Through Yoga

Over time, Yoga has proven remarkably beneficial for nearly every part of the body. However, the question lingers: “Can Yoga be used to actually improve eyesight?” Though solid research is lacking, there are at least three types of Yoga, which appear, at least circumstantially, to do just that.

Yoga and Self-Confidence – How Can I Improve My Confidence With Yoga?

Yoga provides an excellent outlet for gaining self-understanding and life skills. Regular yoga practice gives students many increased physical capabilities and a calmer mental state. The benefits of yoga are available to anyone who allows…

The Oldest Style of Yoga

It is believed that Yoga began around 3,000 B.C. This evidence is based on stone seals, which were excavated from the Indus valley region. However, the existence of stone seals, with human figures practicing asanas, only means that this is as far back as we can trace it, by excavating artifacts. Concerning the oldest style of Yoga…

Yoga For Intelligence

There are a variety of Yoga techniques that enhance intelligence and help one make intelligent choices. Yoga techniques, that enhance cognitive functioning of the brain, include inversion asanas that increase the circulation of new blood and oxygen into the brain.

Using A Premium Yoga Mat – For Health And Happiness

As yoga is becoming as common as jogging, many people have questions and thoughts about the necessary equipment for practicing safely. While the more common activities such as running and swimming are common enough so that most of us know what it takes, yoga is still relatively in the realm of the unknown when it comes to most of us, and it is very important to know what is the right gear you need for a healthy and safe practice. Read here to learn how to make sure you are on top of things when it comes to the practice of yoga.

Chair Yoga for Heart Disease

There is evidence to suggest that Yoga, one of the oldest healing traditions in the world, can be used to prevent and manage heart problems. The same tenets – exercise, breathing techniques, and meditation – espoused in a Yogic lifestyle, are also those prescribed by medical professionals for coronary health.

Yoga Moves for Babies

Yoga moves (asanas) for babies are performed in partnership with an adult, usually the mother. A “Mommy and Me” Yoga class is a wonderful way for a baby and his or her mother to get to know each other, strengthen their bond, and participate in a gentle Yoga class that is beneficial for both of them. A close bond between mother and child has…

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