15 min Yoga for Sleep – Day #29 (YOGA STRETCHES BEFORE BED)

Yoga Practitioners Are Going to Love an Inversion Table

Many people love yoga. It is a very common workout and is extremely popular. It is a great work out and also offers peace and tranquility. An inversion table can be another way to practice yoga.

Yoga For Elite Athletes

Did you know that there are many professional athletes that use yoga as a way to improve strength, agility and flexibility? Many people are surprised to find out that some of the best athletes in the world stay in peak physical condition by practicing yoga regularly.

How Can Yoga Help My Insomnia?

Everyone knows that yoga helps everyone stay flexible, fit and energetic. But did you know that yoga can also benefit sufferers of insomnia? Find out how yoga will help you get a great night’s sleep.

Grounding Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

Yoga is an excellent combination of physical and spiritual exercise. The forms, or asanas, strengthens the body while the journey one takes strengthens their inner being.

Learn About Yoga Breathing – What is “Thoracic” Breathing?

Thoracic breathing is one of the three types of breathing – thoracic, abdominal and yoga breathing. While yoga breathing is the best choice of the three, one must first be able to identify and practice all the other types, before advancing to the fourth and final type of breathing. Thoracic breathing is the middle ground between shoulder and abdomen breathing.

Yoga For Weight Loss

Now there are many conventional methods of losing weight and one of the best methods is through yoga. The reason I am inclined towards Yoga is because it is simple, effective and can be performed by anyone. You do not require any sort of machinery or equipment to help you lose weight. All you need is a well ventilated 8 by 6 feet space virtually anywhere.

Give Bikram Yoga a Try

Real men do yoga. NFL running back Eddie George, NBA superstar Kevin Garnett and pro-golfer David Duvall all profess to be believers, attesting that yoga has improved their game. Also, Yoga is not as easy as it looks. Do not be fooled by its calming, tranquil facade.

The Benefits of Teaching Yoga

Teaching yoga can be very challenging. However, the rewards one can reap from teaching yoga can far surpass any challenge you may experience. Surveys of fitness professionals have shown that there is an incredibly high job satisfaction rating, well above that of many other industries.

Learn About Yoga Breathing – What Do Meditation and Weight Loss Have in Common?

Meditation is to weight loss, what diet and exercise are to getting slim. The power to make a decision is “the” most important step — and the first one — in the grueling, even daunting at times, path to getting thin…and healthy. However, “keeping up” with that decision can be even more overwhelming. Consistency equals success. But the mind can overpower our very willingness to act upon that well intended decision. When you learn about yoga breathing, you understand that the basis for controlling our mind depends on how we train ourselves to direct our very thoughts. Meditation is the foundation for that training.

Simple Steps to Optimum Health

Just about everyone is aware of the health benefits of Yoga these days. It can however be a bit bewildering knowing where to start. The simple exercises described in this article are sure to have an immediate effect on your performance and health.

Kids Yoga Sequence – Holy Cat, Cow, Dog!

Yoga for kids brings out the animal in you. So time to get out your yoga mat and have fun with an easy kids yoga sequence called holy cat, cow, dog!

Simple Yoga You Can Do at Your Work Station

The exercises or postures in Yoga are known as Asanas or Yoga Postures. These postures or exercises work on different parts of the body simultaneously. Practicing Yoga on a daily basis helps in making the joints and spines supple and also helps in toning up the muscles, glands, and the internal organs of the body.

Power Yoga – My Cure All!

Everyone’s heard of yoga – but with so many different styles, how do you choose?? My choice to date is Power Yoga, it’s helped in prevention & in getting rid of any and all ailments I’ve had – from aches & pains to the dreaded seasonal cold. Many people have the preconceived notion that yoga is twisting yourself into a pretzel; this is not always the case. I highly recommend it to everyone – ANYONE can do it! Tone & stretch at the same time all the while gaining more energy.

Why You Need a Yoga Certification

In many parts of the world Yoga certification is a new phenomenon. In the past, Yoga teachers had very small groups of loyal students and Yoga was not a mainstream activity. However, Yoga is gaining tremendous media attention of late. It was recently the subject of full episode of the Oprah Show. There was also a 10 page feature in Time magazine which pointed out, among other things, the fact that a large portion of health clubs are offering Yoga classes.

Tips to Get Started With Simple Yoga Exercises Which Help With Detox

Yoga is definitely here to stay and millions of people enjoy its benefits. Did you know that there are simple yoga exercises that can help your body work better and flush out unwanted toxins? Here are some tips for you if you are new to yoga…

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