15 min Yoga for Flexibility – Day #8 (EVENING YOGA FULL BODY)

Yoga Poses for Travelers

There are certain yoga poses that are very useful for traveler to get rid of travel fatigue and stress. These poses help relax the body muscles and reduce stress.

About Yoga and Feminism

On the surface, Yoga and feminism go together like bread and butter. As an inclusive form of holistic exercise that incorporates self-reflection, Yoga is extremely popular with women. Yoga, like feminism, stresses self-actualization and reclaiming one’s own power. Yet, upon further reflection, there are notes of discord within the two camps.

What’s So Hot About Hot Yoga? Part 2: What Is the Cumulative Effect of Hot Yoga?

Students often ask, “How often should I practice hot yoga to get the benefits? You can and will see the benefits no matter how often you practice hot yoga… and the optimal number of weekly classes for the transformation you’re looking for, whether it’s weight loss, increased flexibility, healing of joint pain, more peace and relaxation in your life, is THREE.

How to Become a Yoga Teacher

Yoga is gaining much popularity these days and you can benefit from it if you know how to become a yoga teacher. Today there is much scope for a yoga teacher or yoga instructor.

About Yoga – Discover The Difference

Here is some great background information on Yoga. Here you will find out its benefits and advantages and find out if Yoga is right for you.

Yoga Techniques for Spinal Stenosis

Hatha Yoga postures (asanas) that lengthen the spine and relieve pressure on the nerves are recommended for pain relief. On the other hand, those asanas that compact the nerves, like backbends, are contraindicated. Some excellent Yoga poses for sufferers of back pain include…

Taking Yoga Off the Mat

Yoga is as much about practising off the mat as it is on. Exploring the eight limbs of yoga can help us to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. The eight limbs of yoga, known as Ashtanga Yoga (ashta meaning eight and anga meaning limb) are clearly defined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as Yamas (ethical disciplines), Niyamas (self observances), Asana (posture), Pranayama (breath control), Pratyhara (sense withdrawal), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (bliss).

Take It To The Mat

Yoga is holistic and unlike any other form of physical movement, works simultaneously on all three levels, breathing life into our whole being uniting mind, body and spirit. Yoga teaches us to be present, and in the physical practice to focus on our breathing as we move in and out of asanas. Breath and movement become vinyasa and we transcend thought, performing a moving meditation.

Acceptance Through Yoga

Acceptance is a willingness to let go and release judgement, perception, ego and outcome bringing about greater self realisation and enabling our yoga practice and life to flow more naturally. Yoga asks that we bring our full awareness to the moment we are in; to focus on our breathing and allow ourselves to become one with the posture we are practising. In this way, yoga is teaching us acceptance.

How Yoga Helps Stress

Yoga restores natural balance and harmony from within enabling you to live a happier and stress free life. Stress can be described as the way you feel when pressure is placed upon you. The emphasis is on the word you because what can be a stressor to one person can actually be a motivator to another.

The Five Koshas of Yoga Vedanta

The five koshas (sheaths) are alluded to in metaphysical theory, Yogic psychology, and tantric theory. These are layers of the self (atman). The “Pure Self” or consciousness is encompassed by the five koshas or layers.

Yoga in the Heart of Africa

Some claim that the practice spread from Egypt to India, which would certainly be a twist on Yoga history as we currently know it. The main proponents of this theory include Babacar Khane, an author, Yoga teacher and doctor of osteopathy, and Muata Ashby, a researcher and practitioner of “Egyptian Yoga.”

Symbolism in Yoga Practice

We know that asanas have names, both in Sanskrit and in English. The names are sometimes fanciful, sometimes descriptive. However, they have another meaning, as well: a symbolic meaning. Asanas are named in groups, such as plants, birds, animals, or structures. To look for a pose’s symbolic meaning, start with its name.

Can Yoga Really Help Me Lose Weight?

When trying to lose weight, will yoga help? The short answer is yes, but the reasoning behind it involves psychological as well as physical benefits. Yoga is a phenomenon that has swept the nation over the past decade, enthralling men and women of all ages.

Hypertension and Yoga

Practicing Yoga, to control hypertension, has been proven effective – without the side effects experienced with medication. However, proper instruction with a competent Yoga teacher and a medical professional are strongly advised.

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