15 min Yin Yoga Stretches – Day #2 (EVENING YOGA FOR BEGINNERS)

The Benefits Of Yoga For Stress Relief

India has been enjoying the benefits of Yoga for stress relief for thousands of years. The rest of the world is quickly beginning to enjoy the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits found within India’s many Yoga styles.

What Is the Foundation of Yogic Philosophy?

The foundation of Yogic philosophy is based on a number of ancient Indian Vedic scriptures dating all the way back to 2500 BC, and possibly earlier. One of the early Hindu scriptures is the Rig Veda, a spiritual text, which was handed down over hundreds of years, orally, from generation to generation, until these scriptural teachings were written down in the early Vedic Period.

Yoga Moves For People Who Are Not Flexible

The main issue, that prevents people from trying Yoga postures, is a lack of flexibility. Many Yoga poses (asanas) appear difficult; and quite frankly, painful. Many Yoga instructors have developed beginning classes that use less challenging asanas that are easy to learn and easy for new students who may lack flexibility.

Yoga Asana Safety for the Human Machine

Safety, in practicing and teaching Yoga asanas, is very important. The human machine is designed to move, flex, and bend in very specific ways. If you move against that specific design, injury is likely to occur. As the practice of Yoga moves into the mainstream, classes are taught in a variety of settings to different groups of practitioners.

Yoga for Skin

Yoga provides many physical and mental benefits. One of the most overlooked benefits of Yoga is healthy and beautiful skin. Most people do not decide to practice Yoga for skin benefits. However, you need only to look at mature Yoga practitioners to see the amazing effect that Yoga has on the skin.

Yoga, Anatomy, and the Human Machine

A good Yoga instructor will have a firm foundation in the anatomy of Yoga, so that he or she is aware of the correct alignment of Yoga poses and the safest way to move in and out of the asanas. A firm understanding of the anatomy of the respiratory system is also very helpful for teaching Yoga students correct breathing techniques, which will leave them with a feeling of energized calmness.

The Five Most Interesting Bikram Yoga Poses

Bikram yoga consists of 26 sequenced poses that work on each part of the body to gain maximum efficiency performed in a heated area. Listed below are 5 interesting poses and a little information about each of them.

Why Women Need Special Pants for Yoga

Yoga pants for women are especially designed to wear during a yoga session. Many people think that these pants are not necessary and you can wear anything you like for yoga; but let me tell you that it is not a right thing to do. Wearing specially designed pants for yoga are as important as wearing appropriate dresses for any other job.

Using Yoga Straps To Enhance Flexibility

Needed accessories or props to enhance the poses in yoga routines have become more popular as this form of exercise and stretching. Some of these props include yoga straps, blocks, mats and blankets or pillows.

In Touch With the Guru

When we find ourselves at a crossroads in our life we seek a greater wisdom and superior intelligence that would help us in our decision making and our life purpose. We are seeking our spiritual Guru.

The Importance Of Yama In Yoga Today

What is the importance of yama today? Maharishi Patanjali must have put much thought into which limb he would name first. The importance of Yama is primary and eternal. Thus, the yamas are timeless guidelines for the past, present, and future.

What’s So Hot About Hot Yoga Part 2: 8 Unique Benefits

You run, bike, kayak, rock climb, work out, and you age (if you’re lucky)… and man, are your muscles tight. Get ready; hot yoga is going to make you flexible again, no matter how tight you are, how old you are, or how much you’ve neglected or abused your aching body.

What You Eat, Genetically Modified Foods, and Yoga Postures

Yoga Postures are incredibly important as they don’t just put the body into the best shape of your life, they cleanse the organs of the body. This is basic detoxing, and you may have experienced it.

Yoga Alignment and the Human Machine

Precise Yoga alignment is very important for the human machine. Our bodies are calibrated to function at an optimal level if our bones, ligaments, and joints are in precise alignment. If our postural alignment is not correct…

Yoga Exercises for Core Muscles

Yoga exercises for core muscles develop a stable and strong core, help prevent injuries, alleviate back pain, and significantly improve the posture. Yoga provides several exercises to develop a strong core. The core muscles extend from the diaphragm and abdominal muscles to the pelvic floor.

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