Teaching Yoga – Pranayama For Self-Realization

How can pranayama help you on the path toward self-realization? Some claim pranayama is boring, while others will tell you it is hard work. In many Hatha Yoga classes, breath awareness is integrated into asana or meditation practice, but it might not be a separate segment of the class.

The Evolution of Yoga Certification Online

The education, and continuing education, of Yoga teachers, through web 2.0 applications, has its proponents. In the hands of a Yoga teacher, a DVD is a powerful resource. How often would you like to rewind a live discourse, lesson, or lecture from the past? While viewing is not practicing, DVDs and online Yoga videos are valuable learning tools. What is even more interesting is: almost every Yoga teacher training course use books and DVDs that compliment the course.

Yoga Studio

One of the great advantages of learning some yoga postures is that from that point onwards you can spend as much or as little as you want on your yoga practice and your fitness. Yoga is one of the cheapest forms of overall health and fitness practice you can do.

Yoga Workout

Sometimes it is the wrong time of your life to go for the burn! Yoga workouts are great when you are feeling strong and healthy and they really help you keep fit. However doing a workout when you are less than healthy or if you have been injured or have some stress related illness is not a good idea. Doing any kind of workout when your body is not strong enough and your immune system is overloaded actually weakens it even more.

Yoga For Spiritual Growth

Why would anyone, of any religion, seek spiritual growth from Yoga practice? How compatible are Yogic concepts with other religions and philosophies? Is Yoga a wing of Hinduism or an ancient Universalist approach toward living? Let’s take a closer look at why people are choosing the Yogic path for their spiritual health.

Practicing Yoga Will Shape the Course of Your Life in Three Steps

How can Yoga help anyone change the course of life? How many people say they would like to make a lifestyle change? How often do you hear someone say he or she would like to make a difference? Let’s look at each issue, and discover a formula for positive change, which will help you, and everyone you know.

Yoga and Time Off – Precious Time For Reflection

How many people really take time off for themselves? The short answer is: Not many. Students are very honest with their Yoga teachers. When asked how much time they spent meditating during the week, most Yoga students will readily admit they do not meditate at all. When asked how often they practice relaxation techniques, which are taught in Yoga class, most gave a surprising answer.

Yoga DVDs

Yoga DVD’s are great tools for helping you do your yoga practice at home or for getting familiar with yoga before going to a class. However sometimes it is hard to make a DVD of a yoga practice because the time people like to be in postures differs and the pace that a yoga instructor is using can be too slow or too fast for you.

Yoga For Beginners

Beginners in yoga classes always do well with a basic classical hatha yoga session. It flows smoothly and if the postures are not too heavily weighted to build strength a beginner will cope with it easily and feel inspired to do more.

Start the Road to Wellness With Yoga

For millennia people have practiced yoga to achieve the physical and mental benefits it offers. The ancient regime is also popular because it can easily be adapted to fit any lifestyle or fitness level.

The Importance of Yin Yoga

Don’t let the name fool you. Yin yoga by name may appear to be a less strenuous form of yoga, and in comparison to styles such as ashtanga or bikram yoga, it is. But nevertheless, it is very challenging in its own way.

Yoga and the Seeds of Inspiration

Whether you practice alone, or teach Yoga classes full of students, you are familiar with the state of inspiration you feel. Some feel that Yogic inspiration gives them guidance, in the form of a sudden jolt of intuition, while searching for a solution to a problem. Other practitioners admit that a steady Yoga practice helps their creative thinking process.

Six Reasons Why Online Yoga Teacher Certification Makes Sense

Whether you need non-contact continuing education credits, or you are seeking your first Yoga teacher training diploma, online courses have many positive advantages. It is true that not all online Yoga teacher education is equal, but there are some easy ways to tell who is genuine and who is not.

How to Practice Your Best Yoga

No matter which form of Yoga you practice, or teach, you begin to notice talent levels. Our teachers may have instructed us not to be competitive, and to avoid judging, but that is what people do. Judging time, speed, and distance can keep you safe in traffic; just as much as judging saved primal humans, who hunted and gathered for a living. How do we avoid making comparisons to others and move forward in our Yoga practice?

Yoga and Our Connection to Pain

Our connection to pain is rooted in our personal belief system. Some of us fear pain so much that we cannot think about it without creating internal anxiety. Some of us believe pain is deserved or it is the Law of Karma in practice. Others see modern medicine, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Yoga, and alternative therapies as solutions to end pain and suffering.

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