15 Min Fatigue Relief 😴 Yoga for When You’re Sore or Tired – Day 12

Back Pain and Yoga Guide Part 2

Yogic breathing and upper body exercises, however, can be extremely beneficial. After successful treatment gradual resumption of lower body postures can be very effective for developing lower body and abdominal strength and stability helping you with your back pain. As with any discipline it is always best to find the best teachers you can, and to study diligently.

Beginners Yoga Information

Learn the basics of yoga! Learn the history, the facts, the lingo. Learn where to take yoga. Tips on yoga safety and studies too better inform you about yoga. Find out if yoga is right for you!

Back Pain Yoga Guide Part 1

Many people suffer with back pain and most all of those people learn over time what works best to help with their particular pain. Some of the back pains can be cured where others have to be managed, but there is no doubt that lower back pain can take a toll on a person.

The Value of the Yoga Teacher Certification Process

Is there a need for certification and standardization of Yoga teachers? How can you make the nine main Indian forms of Yoga, and their sub-styles, conform to a measured standard? Who should control and regulate Yoga?

Yoga Can Help You Free Your Mind

Don’t underestimate the power of yoga as it has been linked to many improvements for people. Those with some types of mental health disorders often benefit because their overall mood improves. Fighting cancer can be done with yoga too because a good mindset is important to fight it as well as other types of medical concerns.

Basic Tips For Yoga

Close your eyes and relax for few minutes. Is it possible for you to do so? The answer would be No! The world has changed; because we are living in the age of reasoning. In today’s world, people are facing lots of anxiety and they have no auxiliary time to take care of themselves. The whole world is surrounded by all types of stress, and its effects are producing negative impacts on the lives of human.

Practice Yoga For Back Pain and Live a Better Life

Are you sick of experiences back pain every single time you roll out of bed? Are you pregnant or over weight and dealing with the strain it puts on your back? You can find a healthier life and a much less painful life by practicing yoga for back pain. Yoga has many benefit including an increase in flexibility, which will greatly reduce your back pain.

How to Lose Weight Yoga Style – The Easy Way!

When most people picture yoga, they envision half-naked fakirs doing fantastical backbends or sitting in the “lotus” pose and chanting the “Om” mantra over and over. While yoga can include backbends and lotus poses, lose weight yoga is not solely about getting tied up in knots while chanting “Om”.

Yoga For Beginners – Five Useful Things You Need to Know About the History of Yoga

“What Is Yoga?” “What Style of Yoga will suit me?” There are many styles and ways of teaching yoga. Here are five useful things you need to know about the teaching and history of yoga.

Hatha Yoga – Waking the Power of Self-Realization

Yoga lessons are best learned, by using all of your senses, and letting your heart guide your practice. The development of self-realization is much similar because one or two senses will only expose the essence of the true self.

Back Pain With Chakra Balance Part 3

When working with animals, it is as important to attune with them as when working with human beings. Use your intuition, your knowledge of animal body language, and the chakra system to direct your healing to the area(s) where it is most needed.

How to Choose Your Yoga Kit

Though performing Yoga in the open air without too much support from external equipment is most beneficial, there are a few Yoga kits which make your yoga session more relaxing than usual. The most instruction while performing yoga is not to strain your body beyond a certain limit. All the yogic postures (asansas) are meant to balance the body and mind for which maintaining a certain level of comfort is very important for beginners as well as advanced yoga performer.

Teaching Yoga As a Profession – Consultants and Mentors

If you are looking for a Yoga teacher consultant or coach, you may want to make certain you are getting reliable knowledge. Consider the following criteria before hiring a consultant or coach that specializes in working with Yoga teachers.

Feel Better With More Vitality – The Five Tibetan Rituals For Fitness and Staying Young

The Five Tibetan Rites are a short series of yoga-type exercises that first appeared in a book by Peter Kelder in the 1930s. Kelder told how he had gotten to know a retired British army officer called Colonel Bradford who had recounted his travels in far off lands including a tale he had heard of a series of exercises or Rites practiced in a remote temple in Tibet that were believed to have rejuvenating properties, keeping the monks forever young.

Get Your Work-Life Balance Back With Yoga

With stressful working environments and hectic schedules, many people struggle with the negative impact of their busy work lives. Those who have difficulty managing their personal and work lives in balance with each other are increasingly turning to yoga. Yoga gives them peace of mind so that they can achieve a perfect work-life balance.

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