15 min Evening Yoga Stretches – Day #7 (BEDTIME YOGA FOR BEGINNERS)

How to Cure Numbness Through Yoga

Although Yoga is a powerful ally in the fight against numbness, it is important to remember that bulging disks or impinged nerves can be made worse by the wrong exercises. If a posture causes numbness, it should be discontinued immediately. It is also a good idea to work with a competent…

How Yoga Moves Can Make You Super Fit

Everybody knows that Yoga relaxes the body and increases flexibility, but is it enough to keep the body fit? According to some Yogis, the answer is: “yes.” Strength can be developed by holding postures for 20 seconds or longer.

Research About Breast Cancer and Yoga

Any claim regarding Yoga and specific ailments is subject to medical and scientific scrutiny. It is not enough to know that therapeutic Yoga works. Most of the motivation behind scientific research concerns why therapeutic Yoga works. Once again, the benefits of Yoga regarding cancer recovery are being carefully researched, but this time two research groups from east and west are working together.

So What Is a Yoga Towel and Good Reasons to Use One?

If you’ve visited a hot yoga studio you’ve encountered a yoga towel being used. In fact, a lot of hot yoga studios request their usage and permit the students to borrow them totally free. These towels aren’t the same as the towels in your bathroom.

Yoga Breathing Exercises for Beginners – Use These Relaxing Breathing Exercises

Yoga breathing exercises are commonly referred to as pranayama techniques. Pranayama, the discipline of breath control, is the fourth of the Eight Limbs of Pantanjali’s Yoga and is used to control prana (life energy) – also known as vital life force. Although there are many types of pranayama, the ultimate goal of all of these techniques is to improve the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional state of one’s health.

Yoga: More Benefits Than Conventional Therapy

Attending physical therapy at least once a week for five months can significantly reduce back pain. Ninety-two percent of people who followed this regime felt better after three weeks and remained pain free for about two years, enabling them to return to their normal daily lives.

How to Become the Best Yoga Instructor

There are different paths to becoming the best Yoga instructor possible. There are also a variety of skills sets that you can focus on developing, in order to become a great Yoga teacher. One area that is not often addressed is the area of a positive inner attitude and the cultivation of divine virtues.

Meditations on Yoga in America – Part I

The rich history of Yoga in America has been mined for material by a number of writers recently, and has produced several surprisingly diverse publications. The books span in focus from narrow to impossibly wide (the Western world) with varying degrees of success.

Chair Yoga for Emotional Health

Like other Yoga classes, Chair Yoga teaches modified forms of poses, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, and meditation, to bring the body, mind, and emotional state into balance. Although it might be argued that anything helpful to physical health is also good for emotional…

Yoga for Developing Self-Confidence

Practicing Yoga might be just the remedy for anyone who is feeling stressed, struggling with a lack of self-confidence, and has been unable to function productively. To successfully reach goals, we must experience a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, and genuine happiness in our lives.

Selecting a Yoga Teacher – Helpful Tips

You can be sure that you are on the path to good health and fitness once you start practicing the ancient Indian exercise called Yoga. This particular style of exercise is getting popular all over the world because it is provides people with a very good way of keeping healthy without putting their body through any stress. Selecting a good teacher is a difficult task especially since there are so many studios you could choose from.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Yoga Classes

Have you decided that you are going to follow the trend of going to Yoga classes? This is indeed an excellent idea because this form of exercise is a great way to keep in shape without putting the body through a great deal of stress. Unlike most other forms of exercise, this one focuses on making the body healthy and flexible rather than on just helping a person lose weight. Weight loss is however a pleasant side effect of doing this exercise. There are a few things you need to do in order to get the most out of your classes because these sessions can be very expensive.

Yoga Clothes – Selecting Them to Enhance Your Experience

Have you been bitten by the Yoga bug recently and are planning to take up this exercise soon? This is a very ancient form of exercise that originated in India a couple of thousand years ago and which has taken the world by storm. Women, and nowadays men as well, are realizing that this is one of the best possible exercises they could do because it helps improve their mental and physical health. One of the things you will need in order to get started with this exercise is good clothes.

What to Expect With Yoga Class

Attending yoga classes ensures great health benefits. A yoga class requires the student to be in proper attire and to have had his last meal two hours before.

Custom Fit Your Yoga Practices

Think of your Yoga practice as a beloved recipe, in which you tweak a few ingredients each time. There are many factors, which influence your practice: time of day, season, energy level, and temperature, all play a role.

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