15 min Evening Yoga Stretches – Day #11 (FULL BODY FLEXIBILITY YOGA)

When Yoga Practice Gets Stale

Repeating a favorite series of Yoga asanas can really ground a practice and help focus, but sometimes practice can feel stale. Trying some new tricks can help even the most advanced practitioner see himself in a new light and make him look forward to his time on the mat.

Yoga and Breathing Exercises For Busy Women: 3 Benefits Of Good Breathing Habits For More Energy

As a busy mum and entrepreneur your days are full. Have you ever woken up, troubled and anxious as your mind runs through the list of things you have to do that day? Perhaps you have given up even trying to keep a to-do list as you never have the time, or energy to write one out!

Yoga Practice for States of Bliss

With the many forms of practice, Yoga provides the opportunity for experiencing higher states of consciousness. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon that accompanies Yoga practice, even if the individual practicing it is not actively seeking such experiences. Many times, people begin Yoga for purely physical reasons, but stick with it for a lifetime, because of the spiritually enriching elements. Why does Yoga promote states of bliss?

Yoga Festivals for Energizing Your Mind

Have you considered a change in your daily Yoga practice? Maybe you feel your personal practice needs new energy. There is a time when all of us feel it is time to “recharge our batteries.” Famous sociologist, Robert MacIver, wrote…

The Purpose of Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga differs from most of its counterparts – in that it utilizes a wide variety of props, all designed to make the postures (asanas), as low impact, easy, and relaxing as possible. All varieties of Yoga provide holistic health support and good physical conditioning in addition to promoting spiritual awareness, but one type is especially effective at reversing the effects of burnout, exhaustion, and fatigue: Restorative Yoga.

Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga for Improving the Endocrine System

Each movement-based style of Yoga has its benefits, and all are known to have a profound impact on the endocrine system, in particular. In order to understand how beneficial this is, it helps to have an understanding of just how vast the endocrine system truly is.

Yoga Arm Balance – The Crane (Bakasana)

The crane pose, bakasana, is an arm balance which requires a certain amount of upper body and core strength but replies more on steadiness and focus. It’s a posture which can be attainable if challenging to those new to yoga, while offering a lot to the experience yogi alike.

Liability Insurance for Yoga Teachers

If you teach Yoga, you may have always assumed that if anything happened to one of the students in your class, the studio’s insurance would take care of it. More and more Yoga instructors, however, are considering whether they need liability coverage and if so, how much. While most studios do not require instructors to carry their own policies, it may be worth it in the long run.

Why Yoga and Pilates Are a Great Way to Exercise the Core Muscles

Core muscle training may seem like a new exercise fad but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yoga and Pilates practitioners have always recognised the key role of core strength in achieving a overall fitness and wellbeing. Here’s why simple yoga and Pilates techniques are a great way to build strength, stamina and flexibility.

Yoga Techniques for Cancer Recovery

Yoga poses (asanas) for cancer patients vary from typical yoga techniques, practiced in the average class, in that they are done with more care and attention to the body. The last thing a good yoga teacher wants to see is one of their students causing themselves pain and discomfort.

How to Do a Yoga Practice With an Injury

Everyone knows getting injured isn’t fun, and when you realize you can’t do your usual yoga routine on top of it, well that’s just pitiful. Stuck on the couch but bored, tired and sick of yourself? Here are 4 things that can help keep up with your yoga routine while you’re injured.

Teaching Yoga: Five Reasons Students Stop Coming to Yoga Class

Every Yoga teacher has experienced it: a new student comes to practice, and he or she seems to do well. They never ask a question or for clarification, but after a practice, they disappear. What happened?

About Becoming a Yoga Instructor

On a global scale, the field of job opportunities for yoga instructors has recently opened up, and the many new “fusion” styles of yoga offered provide teachers with even more material to cover. Considering this, the question of how long and what it takes to become a yoga instructor is on the minds of many.

Spiritual Healing Is All Around Us – We Only Need to Open Our Eyes

Searching for inner peace and spiritual healing is probably the most advanced journey a person will ever make. Making sense of all that has happened around us and is currently happening, while coming to terms with the fallout of situations is never simple to accomplish. It can be done, however. Many people have been successful.

Yoga for Bellydance

A powerful Yoga practice can help a dancer learn to be present in the moment, which in turn gives her stage presence. Much like the Yoga asanas, bellydance movements are always in the process of refinement.

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