15 min Evening Yoga Flow – Day #17 (DEEP STRETCHES)

Inspire Your Yoga Students

Did you ever consider how much impact teachers have on the lives of their Yoga students? Years can go by, and you meet an old student at a local market, he or she tells you how much your classes changed his or her life. Within a month, that same student resurfaces in your Yoga class.

Five Yoga Meditation Benefits

There are many yoga meditation benefits. Meditation has been practiced by yoga practitioners for thousands of years and its plethora of benefits is certainly no secret. It is an easy ticket to a healthier body, stronger mind, and better quality life overall. It would take an extremely long time to list the extensive amount of benefits meditation provides; here are five of the main benefits of this practice.

Methodical Caring for Lower Back Pain

Surely, your doctor could prescribe medicines and provide you with helpful guidelines that would serve as conservative methods for providing comfort for lower back pain. However, you should still strive to face the real problem. Understand and realize that there is indeed no magical solution to treat and relieve the pain.

Do You Want to Know the Benefits of Yoga? Seven Benefits, Plus One Surprise!

The benefits of yoga are many and varied. Yoga has been around for thousands of years and, until you try it, it is hard to understand just what so many people rave about. Get a head start here with seven great benefits, plus one surprise!

Importance of Bhastrika and Kapalbhati Pranayama

Bhastrika and kapalbhati pranayama are both Yoga breathing exercises that can help the practitioner improve lung capacity and manage breathing conditions such as asthma. These breathing exercises are best used in the morning and both provide benefits that impact the entire body, resulting in more energy and better overall health.

Yoga Teacher Business Tips

Here is a Yoga teacher problem: How can I boost my yoga teaching business? If you are an independent contractor or you own your own school, teaching yoga can test your creativity in any economy. For independent contractors, this is the time to flourish, because you don’t have the large overhead that studio owners have. You don’t even have to teach full time to cover your expenses.

Yoga Meditation to Free the Mind

Yoga and meditation are two helpful practices that complement each other and done together, deepen the practitioner’s experience. If you have been practicing Yoga without meditation; consider adding to your practice by learning meditation techniques.

Hot Yoga Towels Are Just One of the Fitness Items Needed for Success for a Slip Free Experience

Hot yoga requires skidless yoga towels. Otherwise concentration and safety will always be out of reach. Skidless yoga towels are available from NamaSTAY Yoga Towels and should be added to any practitioners repetoire of necessary equipment.

How To Become A Certified Yoga Instructor

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a certified yoga instructor? Would you like to learn what it takes to become a yoga teacher and build a successful career in teaching people yoga? As our global economy starts to shift and health issues continue to rise, more people are starting to look towards other healthier lifestyles. One of the most exciting industries right now is yoga. Yoga studios are popping up more and more because Americans are learning how this ancient practice can improve their health.

Group Dynamics in Yoga

For Yoga teachers, building an excellent group dynamic can involve extra effort, but the emotional payoff from an energy-filled practice and the increased dedication of practitioners is definitely worth it. Although solo practice is rewarding, a Yoga class can collectively gain so much more.

Teaching Yoga and Motivating Students

Teaching Yoga, and maintaining student interest, is an art form. Although the benefits of Yoga are indisputable, it is not unusual for students to become discouraged, or bored, every now and then. Whether progress has reached a plateau, or personal problems make getting to class more difficult, it sometimes becomes difficult to maintain one’s level of motivation. With a little persistence, and the help of a well-trained instructor, the problem is usually short lived and easily remedied. There are, however, a few things for both Yoga teachers and students to consider when the doldrums strike.

Best Yoga Breathing Technique for Meditation

There are many breathing techniques that are part of pranayama and each serves a different purpose in the overall practice of yoga. While all breathing helps to bring in clean oxygen, expanding the lungs, and to eliminate the toxins in the body as it expels carbon dioxide, pranayama is designed to bring balance between the two.

3 Reasons You Should Use Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga is the perfect exercise form for weight loss. Read this article to find three critical reasons why you should be using Yoga to lose all of those extra pounds.

Yoga Asana Techniques for Lower Back Pain

Several Yoga asanas are especially helpful for lower back pain; caution should be exercised when beginning these postures if the back is already compromised. Take care not to overextend or force any stretches. Inversions have long been considered helpful for spinal decompression, but many students do not feel comfortable in more advanced inversions.

Yoga Sequence for High Blood Pressure

Lifestyle management is one of the primary keys to prevention and management, and a Yoga practice can be the key to making important changes. Genetics is also a major factor in the cause of high blood pressure (HBP). While lifestyle can be a family culture, it is also possible for…

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