15 min Evening Yoga – Day #24 (WIND DOWN YOGA FLOW)

Restorative Yoga Poses Offer Stress Relief

Restorative yoga poses are often the prescribed remedy to help alleviate stress, but how big a problem is stress really? Well, pick any person off the street and they can tell you how stressful daily life is. Sometimes it can seem as though there is no end to the pressure.

Yoga Clothes – Comfort and Style at Its Best

There are actually no fixed rules as to what sorts of garments you can wear when performing yoga exercises. Since yoga is a non competitive activity and you can do it at home if you would like to, the rules are extraordinarily relaxed when it comes to yoga clothes.

Getting the Most Out of Yoga – The Fundamental Principles That Lie Behind This Ancient Practice

Life on planet Earth is so complicated that we need some guidance on how to achieve peace and happiness as we deal with numerous challenges day after day. The philosophy of Yoga provides its practitioners with steps to follow that can be called the guidelines of living a peaceful, meaningful and purposeful life.

Yoga Attaining Mastery Over the Physical Body and Peace of Mind Through 4 Easy Stages

When many people hear the goals and aims of Yoga, they often may get discouraged thinking they may never move from their present state of confusion to attain the vagaries of perfection. Learn what stages will take you there without cutting sweat.

Yoga – Unlocking the Doors to Peace of Mind in a Stress Packed World

The world as we know it has become so much consumer oriented that competition has become the order of the day. The results of this lifestyle are there for all to see, the confusion that we see in all the systems that are running our current world. Most people live in a really confused state of mind and they are in search of themselves.

Why Practice Yoga?

Yoga has gained a lot of recognitions worldwide; everywhere is filled with something that talks about it. Because it has been around for decades, it can be said to be the mother of all exercise. It is possible to start Yoga session in a very tired and moody form, but all the fatigues will go in less than five minutes, you will feel energized, rejuvenated, transformed and setting of to start another beautiful day activities. The short term gain as a result of the exercise is followed by a resultant long term health benefits. Studies have shown that Yoga exercise is good for healing and managing all sorts of medical conditions.

How to Get Fit With Yoga – Getting Started

Getting fit with yoga is a fantastic way to improve your strength, flexibility and to balance your mind, but you must be careful. It is very easy to hurt yourself by doing too much or doing yoga poses incorrectly. You will feel great and do wonderful things for your body, but learn how to get started properly.

How to Choose a Yoga Mat

Have you ever wanted to practice Yoga for good health? Well you need to start off with a good Yoga Mat. Let’s take a look at the different choices you have.

Definition and Introduction to Yoga

Yoga, derived from Sanskrit, is more than meditation – which represents a lifestyle that balances the physical, mental and spiritual harmony is so, why is the name of the Union. For this discipline is the honor of being the oldest type of care for human development in a personal sense. For nearly five thousand years, this ancient science has been a method for packaging and grow a person holistically, taking into account more than just physical.

Top 10 Tips For Teaching Kids Yoga

Kids yoga has become increasingly popular as of late. However, many yoga instructors find themselves at a loss when faced with their first yoga class for kids. The instructors know the poses, how to develop flow sequences, various pranayama exercises, and how to perform adjustments. However, they now have a group of children staring at them and they have no idea how to fill the next 30-60 minutes. To help here is a list of the top 10 tips for teaching kids yoga. These are tried and tested techniques which will guarantee your success.

Yoga and Diet For Prostate Health – A Comprehensive Guide to a Healthier Prostate

The Prostate Gland is a bloke thing. It is one of the organs in the urinary and reproductive system of the body. It is a male sex gland made up of a cluster of smaller glands which surround the urethra and a portion of the bladder. It’s to be taken seriously fellas. This mysterious gland is small, doughnut shaped, and situated at the base of the bladder. It causes more grief to men than just about any other part of their bodies, and prostate cancer will soon be the major killer of men in Australia.

The Yoga Scripture – Patanjaliis Yoga Sutras

Patanjaliis Yoga Sutras, covers many different aspects of life within a text. It starts with the code of conduct and ends with the initial goal of yoga in accordance to one finding their true self. In essence, Patanjaliis Yoga Sutras is one of the most authoritative texts on yoga.

Yoga – The Centuries Old Science to Acquire and Maintain Health, Peace and Equilibrium

Though the modern world’s fetish with health and weight has rendered yoga almost an equivalent to other health care therapeutic practices, but the real Yoga-the very science of the art of Yoga is still shrouded in mystery. Most people consider it to be nothing than some jumble of postures, which once mastered, would give them overnight their desired weight or health In fact yoga is much more than some postures (Asana).

Why Practice Yoga?

Today, we live with a hectic lifestyle and we are always on the run from the moment we wake up in the morning. Most of the time we are busy with our professional appointments and handling workload, which creates more stress and tension.

Yoga to Cure Modern Day Stressors

Yoga originated out from the Hindu discipline of mind and body and made an appearance later within the sixties and seventies in the Western societies, hippie generation. Most living within that time regarded yoga as a mystical practice.

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