15 min Evening Yoga – Day #21 (YOGA FOR HIPS & LOWER BACK)

Yoga for Football Players – Three Simple Poses to Make You Stronger, Faster and More Flexible

It is incredible what yoga does for Athletes in general, but it has many more benefits for football players. I am about to reveal three simple poses to make you stronger, faster and more flexible. Players are always looking for a competitive edge to get ahead of their opponents. Yoga can give them the edge they seek.

Yoga for Helping Teenagers to Cope

The practice of Yoga helps to enfold teenagers into a community of people who are looking at the glass half-full, instead of half-empty. There is also a strong underlying ethical code guiding most Yoga practitioners.

About Ayurveda – A Historical Look

Ayurveda is possibly the oldest system of traditional healing still practised today. The practice originated in India 5000 years ago and has become popular all over the world. If you have doubts regarding what is Ayurveda, read on to know more on the topic.

Treating Yourself to a Yoga Retreat Holiday

Yoga retreat centers are growing increasingly popular as they offer a way for people to feel more relaxed and healthy at the same time. In modern life, the daily routine can often leave us feeling stressed and out of sorts. It is important to learn how to effectively combat high levels of stress. Without doing so, you may be more susceptible to a variety of health concerns, including various diseases and even possible heart problems. Learning how to relax can also help you to be more productive when you return home.

Is Yoga Good For You?

Stay fit and healthy for life with Yoga. Benefit from the knowledge of ancient sages passed down the generations and that has proved to be successful till this day! Nothing can beat this ancient Indian Science of Exercise and Philosophy. Check it out!

Why Go to a Yoga Retreat in Mexico

There are innumerable benefits to attending a yoga retreat in Mexico, including the ability to treat yourself in a better manner. Many times we become so caught up in the responsibilities of work and family life as well as the stresses of modern day living that we forget to take care of ourselves. Going away to a yoga retreat can help you to learn better ways to take care of yourself while also enjoying a well deserved vacation. In many ways, attending a yoga retreat is a type of learning experience. You will learn how to relax, rest and renew your entire sense of well-being. A retreat also provides an opportunity to share and connect with others who have the same experiences. When you choose a yoga retreat in Oaxaca, such as the El Neem center, you also gain an exciting chance to experience the beauty of nature in a completely redefined manner.

Intuition, Yoga and Blink

Yoga philosophy writes of intuition as reaching the profound wisdom within us. The wisdom is there, available for access, but we don’t always notice it, we don’t necessarily listen to it or heed it. In fact, we don’t ‘see’ the wisdom behind the masks of misconception and conditioning.

Hot Yoga Oils the Joints

Bikram yoga emerged out of Calcutta in the 1970s. This was shortly after Bikram Choudhury went to Japan to teach and found that too many of his yoga students hurt themselves during practice. This had not happened in his hometown, so he decided he would re-create the conditions of Calcutta and see if that made a difference. So he heated the yoga room to 37 C or body temperature and upped the humidity factor to 65%. The injury rate decreased and he fashioned what is known as Bikram or Hot Yoga.

Traditional Spiritual Initiation From a Yoga Guru

It is said that if you do receive the gift of Shaktipat from a Yoga Guru before commencing a dedicated practice, you will experience great benefits from your efforts. However, practicing Yoga asanas and pranayama techniques will give you many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits without receiving divine initiation.

Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Postures

Mindful meditation techniques complement a Yoga posture (asana) practice beautifully. The practice of mindfulness meditation or awareness through witness consciousness helps a Yoga student to be aware of the needs, limitations and wisdom of his or her body during a Yoga class.

Teaching Yoga: Challenges for Kids in Yoga

Taking the time to teach Yoga to children, despite the challenges, can make all the difference in their world. After a few dedicated practices, you are sure to notice a change in the children you teach – they will be calmer, have more self-discipline, and better focus. All of these benefits lead to academic and athletic success.

Teaching Private Yoga Sessions

Private Sessions allow Yoga teachers to meet with their students and develop programs that not only improve their conditions but also prevent further injuries. A few private Yoga sessions may be all it takes to give a student the confidence and knowledge needed for a successful and safe practice at home or in a Yoga class setting.

Challenges of Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is one of the most complex of the Yogic disciplines with frequent challenges to those who wish to master it. Fortunately, the benefits more than outweigh any difficulties the practice presents.

Modern Yoga Exercise: Is It Really Yoga?

In addition to providing a distorted view of the original practice, modern Yoga has been side-tracked and used as a method to promote fame and sell images to the public. This includes personal stardom, and anything from politically correct organic mats, to expensive high-style clothing and accessories. While this is not inherently bad in itself, it hardly resembles the humble lifestyle, and unwavering devotion, of the many sages, who kept Yoga alive for generations through Sanskrit texts and oral teachings.

Introduction to Kirtan in Yoga Class

Kirtan is an Indian devotional practice of call and response singing or chanting. Many of these practices are comprised of mantra and japa. These divine syllables resonate with a sacred vibration. As a Yoga student participates in the practice of kirtan, his or her being begins to vibrate at the same divine frequency.

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