Teaching Yoga to Golfers

If you ask most instructors which teaching opportunities they were made aware of, during their initial Yoga teacher training, most will readily admit they learned of none outside their studio. Regardless of the reason for this, most Yoga instructors are not aware of the wide spectrum of opportunity for working with the public.

Yogic Philosophy: What Is Maya?

The concept of “maya” also comes from Hindu philosophy. In Sanskrit, the language of the yogis, “ma” means “not” and “ya” means “that.” Literally, then, maya translates as “not that;” but the idea behind it is much more complex. For the ancient Yogis, the distinction between the universe and the self was an illusion.

Four Hatha Yoga Posture Safety Tips

Even though Hatha Yoga is a gentle practice, and anyone can do it, it should be practiced safely, for the sake of avoiding injury. The fact is – we can injure ourselves at the dinner table if we take risks and refuse to pay attention to what we are doing.

You Can Get To Do Yoga Daily By Practicing at Home

Practicing yoga has many benefits on your overall health and well being. It is great for preventive care, and also for aiding already existing health issues.

Laughter Yoga Benefits For Yourself And Your Loved Ones

It is a fact that Laughter Yoga can help everybody cope with all eventualities in life. It improves the brain functioning due to the expanded supply of oxygen to the brain cells and at the same time, releases chemicals from the brain to eliminate depression and elevate mood states…

Yoga Matters: How You Can Use Yoga For Healing

Although you might not know it, yoga matters in the spiritual, emotional and physical healing of your body. Here are a few ways you can utilize yoga practices for healing all aspects of your life.

How to Escape Stress With Yoga? What Is Yoga?

How many times have you felt stressed out? When was the last time you felt like the world was crashing down on you? How would you like to just get away from everything and just relax your mind, body, and spirit?

Yoga History – Who Was Lord Mahavir?

Researching Yoga history is a fascinating pastime. Yoga teachers know who Patanjali was and many have read his compilation: “The Yoga Sutras.” However, history does not always point toward the sources of Patanjali’s work.

Yoga Exercises and Diet for Hip Dysplasia

The process of Yoga is to stretch and strengthen muscles. When considering Yoga for hip dysplasia, or any hip pain, be mindful of the method of Yoga you choose, in addition to being attentive to the individual Yoga moves.

A Yoga Teacher Training Program Can Turn Your Passion Into An Income

Even if you love yoga and are very good at it, a yoga teacher training program will help you learn to pass the knowledge you have on to others. Leading the sessions is far different from being an active participant in them. Yoga is good exercise and improves flexibility. Greater flexibility can help avoid injuries during other activities. Yoga also builds core strength when done properly. You must learn to identify when students in the class are performing each move and pose to get the maximum benefits out of the exercise.

Best Yoga Exercise for Runners

This is the best Yoga exercise for runners and an excellent series of poses. This series of Yoga postures is a great way to warm up all of the major muscle groups in your body.

Two Foundational Hatha Yoga Safety Guidelines

When students are new to a Yoga practice, they are often enthusiastic and excited about getting into postures (asanas) they have seen on the cover of a magazine. They might approach this Yogic discipline as though it is something to be conquered, rather than becoming one with body, mind, spirit, and the present moment.

Would You Love To Become A Yoga Instructor

With the rising popularity of yoga there have been many people who start out as students then become so inspired with the practice that they leave their day jobs to become certified teachers. The teacher training program involves a long process of studying under teachers and in-depth knowledge about theories and philosophies. It takes a lot of patience, commitment and dedication but the rewards are very high.

Benefits of Pranayama – The Yoga of Breath

Within Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, we learn the fourth limb of Raja Yoga is pranayama. This places a high value on what some people refer to as “breathing.” Yet, pranayama is actually the systematic cultivation of prana (energy). When one practices pranayama, the ratio of breath is important for controlling the amount of energy one draws in.

What’s Hot Now: The 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge

“Give us 30 days and we’ll give you a new you” – that’s the 30 Day Hot 26 Yoga Challenge. Hot 26 Yoga is a yoga sequence done in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity. After practicing yoga for over 35 years, and teaching yoga for more than 15 years, I decided to heat things up with a 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge of my own. The effects were just as I suspected: awakening, invigorating, amazing.

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