15 min Evening Yoga Class – Day #3 (YOGA STRETCHES BEFORE BED)

Yoga for Shoulder Pain – How Can Yoga Relieve Pain in the Shoulders?

The regular practice of Hatha Yoga is a great way to relieve shoulder pain. Pain in the shoulders often comes from the somatic holding of stress and tension in the musculature in that area. Shoulder pain can also develop from the misalignment of the spine and shoulder bones.

Yoga for Sciatica – Which Yoga Poses Help Treat Sciatica?

There are many different Yoga techniques to relieve sciatica, and there are many factors that cause sciatica. Sciatica is very uncomfortable and can limit mobility and even make sleeping difficult. Sciatica is often caused by…

Hot Yoga Benefits – The Benefits You Should Know More About

You are never too old to begin reaping the health benefits of doing yoga. It doesn’t matter which form of yoga you choose to do you will discover that it is going to improve your health from head to toe. Below are just some of the hot yoga benefits that you can get from doing this form of exercise in the future.

2 Fantastic Yoga Postures for a Stiff Neck and Shoulders – What You Need to Know

Facing the computer screen all day can be very stressful. Not only does it strain the eyes, it also leads to common complaints of stiff neck and painful shoulders.

Information for Yoga Teachers – How to Teach a Beginner Yoga Class

Teaching a beginner Yoga class is a heavy responsibility. There is a good chance that people in the room have never practiced Yoga before. New Yoga students may be uneasy and fear awkwardness or failure.

Yoga for Fear – Can Yoga Help Treat Panic Attack Syndrome?

The emphasis in Yoga on mind, body, and breath is a classic relaxation technique. A 2007 article, in Yoga Journal, by Dr. Timothy McCall, suggests some specific practices for anxiety and panic attacks…

How a Newsletter and Some Networking Can Help Your Yoga Studio Business

Creating a good newsletter will help you keep potential customers in the loop. Also successful networking is a powerful tool to help you grow you yoga studio business.

Are You Wondering What Is Hot Yoga?

Explain the difference between hot yoga and traditional yoga. The importance of an heated room and the benefits it can add to the poses. Where the trend started and develop in the last years.

Better Body, Better Earth: Going Green With Yoga

Yoga. The very word is calming to many of us – it represents time for ourselves, time for our bodies; and time for our souls. In fact, the very meaning of the word is “union,” and in many ways, yoga is a union of the senses. So what better way to practice this naturally harmonious activity then in sustainably produced clothing which keeps you in line with your values?

Yoga Moves for Back Pain

Yoga can provide lots of benefits if you have back pain. Learn tips on finding a good teacher and avoiding some of the possible pitfalls.

Hot Yoga Benefits – Is It Worth Doing?

Hot yoga requires you to use positions that act upon different joints in your body including those that you very rarely exercise. As a result, over time you will begin to notice that you are able to move your joints in ways that you never thought possible. This is because more lubrication is being provided to not only these joints but also the ligaments and tendons.

Yoga Teachers And The Yoga Alliance

There are a number of advantages for yoga teachers that are registered with the Yoga Alliance group. It is a recognized group with high standards.

Yoga For The Physically Challenged

Throughout the course of Hatha Yoga practice, one will also notice an improvement in muscle strength and tone, resulting in a more coordinated and balanced life. Yoga for the physically challenged also focuses on breathing. Most people inhale and exhale without a thought of it. However, Yoga teaches…

Yoga Exercises For a Sound Sleep

The ancient Indian healing art has proved to be quite effective in ensuring relaxed and sound sleep. The yoga exercises or asanas help in reducing anxiety and calming down an individual’s tensed mind. They act as natural tranquilizers and soothe our mind.

Yoga for Pregnant Women Explained

Being a traditional form of exercise, yoga for pregnant women reduces the mental stress and physical agony associated with childbirth by helping the expecting mother to discover and build up her inherent strength and stamina gradually over a period of the entire pregnancy. Some of the yogic postures which should be performed on a daily basis as a part of the program of yoga for pregnant women are yoga ana, Varian, padmasana, sukhasana and shavasana.

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