15 Min Energizing Heart Opening Yoga | Morning Yoga With Deep Backbends And Quad Stretches

Yoga For Back Pain

The spinal or back pain refers to disorders and pains in the spine region, particularly in the waist region. This pain is commonly called lower backache. This pain could spread over to both sides of the waist and the hips. When the pain is acute, it makes the patient almost partially immobile. In more severe conditions, the sufferer is bed ridden.

Chair Yoga For the Office

Sitting in a chair at work for long hours can be stressful on the mind and the body. Learn how chair yoga can be an effective and efficient way to stretch the tight muscles, especially in the back.

How Yoga Can Help You Reduce Stress

Though developed in India and considered part of more than one spiritual tradition, yoga has become a widespread practice without religious overtones. It is a form of exercise that is appropriate for almost everyone.

The Yoga of Truth

Within the nine main styles of Yoga from India is one contemplative discipline which requires us to witness life without personal attachment to outcome. This form of Yoga is known as “Jnana.” How can one really make a commitment to witnessing life without attachment?

How to Become a Creative Yoga Teacher

There comes a day when each of us “takes up the torch” from the preceding generation. For some of us, this event may happen in our family life, at work, with the passing of one’s Guru, or after a Yoga teacher training course has concluded. We learn valuable lessons from the generation ahead of us. Then, we initially tend to copy the ways of our teachers, before we become creative Yoga teachers.

How to Learn More About Yoga For Less

When you think about attending a Yoga teacher intensive, what thoughts come to your mind? Do you think about the rewards of learning more about Yoga, and spending time with people who share your passion for a holistic lifestyle?

Become the Best Possible Yoga Teacher in Five Easy Steps

The more we know, the more we realize how much more there is to learn. In Yoga, and in life, each day is a new lesson. Some interns think that, the material they learn in a 200 hour Yoga teacher training will be the “end all” to their education.

Trikonasana – Yoga Posture For Back Pain Management

There are so many forms of back pain, that it seems impossible for Yoga to help them all. Truthfully, Hatha Yoga is great for pain prevention, but it also helps one cope with chronic back pain. If your day is filled with chronic back pain, less or no pain seems like a miracle. On the other hand, long term inflammations and chronic pain can make any form of adjustment or movement a challenge.

How to Control Stress With Yoga

Though yoga originated in India as a religious practice, it has evolved into different forms of discipline. When chosen as exercise, it can benefit almost everybody.

Two Tips For Teaching Yoga Through Challenges

When you think about teaching Yoga classes, you always see the positive side of your life experiences. Every Yoga instructor realizes that the act of organizing, and teaching classes, becomes a life mission. Yet, life has “ups and downs” for all of us. There are days when students are seriously ill, you feel ill, or worse.

Five Ways Swami Satchidananda Yoga Can Balance Your Life

Swami Satchidananda brought his brand of popular yoga to the United States in the Sixties. Half a century later, there are facilities all over the country that make his teachings and his practices available to millions of Americans searching for enlightenment and balance. With Swami Satchidananda yoga, they find exactly that. In fact, Swami Satchidananda yoga isn’t just good for the body. It’s good for the mind. There are many ways his practice and teachings can benefit interested parties today.

Twelve Healthy Living Tips to Keep That Post Yogic Glow

As a yoga teacher, many of my yoga students ask what they can do on a daily basis to cultivate and deepen their understanding of living a healthier yogic lifestyle. Here, in no particular order are ten habits to adopt on a daily basis to keep you in the flow and maintain your inner yoga glow.

Yoga Practicing

Fitness of the body requires a balanced lifestyle. Many illnesses are prevented when we lead a balanced life. Prime reasons for diseases are imbalances in our food, sleep, thought and other habits.

Shedding the Pounds Away With Hyp-Yoga Weight Loss

Most everyone that has seen long term success with weight loss recognizes the power of the mind in the process. Weight is a physical attribute but if you are going to change your weight / shape and lifestyle over the long run, you had better be smart enough to address the mental side of it.

Benefits of Yoga – Reduces Depression, Returns Energy & Eases Aches & Pains Caused by Stiff Bones

How fit are you? Can Yoga really help ease aches and pain and give peace of mind?

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