15 min Before Bed Yoga – Day #25 (FULL BODY RELAXING YOGA)

You and Your Yoga Mat – And What You See

So when you go to a yoga class or do some self practice, the yoga you practice is all about you. After all it is just you, your yoga mat and what you do. You may like to think of your yoga mat as your magic carpet that takes you to new places within your body and mind… the journey of yoga! How wonderful! And as you open your eyes at the end of your practice, really open your eyes to how marvelous you, yoga and your yoga mat are!

Yoga, Your Way to Healthy Living

An article that help you know better about yoga. In this modern world it is quite difficult to stick only on to diet restriction in order to maintain a healthy body.

Why Yoga and Pregnancy Are a Natural Combination

If you are looking for a gentle and safe way to stretch and stay in shape while carrying some extra weight during pregnancy, welcome to yoga and pregnancy 101. This isn’t a real college class but I’m sure there are hundreds, if not thousands, of yoga classes targeting pregnancy being taught these days.

The Breath in Yoga Postures

When practicing any posture there are three ways for the posture – moving into the posture, holding it – this is where the steady pose comes into affect, and then moving out of the posture. And each of these stages of the posture you synchronise with the breath to achieve the most benefit.

Yoga Energy Point – What in the Heck is That?

Yoga energy point is a term that can be interchanged with chakra. Both words basically mean the same thing. Each chakra is a yoga energy point. There are seven main chakras.

Yoga and Its Effect on Our Body

In our modern day, people are now more conscious of what we eat and how we live our lives for each and every day. As we all know, exercise is a part of our life that we have to do in order for us to have a healthy mind and body. One may choose in any of the usual physical exercises like jogging, going to the gym for weights, aerobics, dancing or perhaps yoga.

Sex and Yoga – Improving Your Sex Life Through Yoga

We all enjoy sex, but for some it can be a source of relationship disharmony and stress. We give you a rundown on how Yoga can improve your sex life and your health.

Various Styles of Yoga & Their Benefits to Your Mind, Body, and Soul

The time-tested technique called yoga is more than just stretching and flexing. This is a philosophical activity that aims to remove toxins from the body, make room for God, bring harmony to the brain and body, as well as help you feel peaceful and relaxed.

Kids Yoga Breath – The Expanding Balloon

Kids yoga breath is the most important part of a kids yoga practice. The simple act of breathing moves stagnant air out of your lungs and supplies your body with fresh oxygen. Hatha yoga breath is better than Saturday morning cartoons.

How to Use Yoga For Weight Loss

Many people do not realize that a daily yoga routine can not only help you tone muscle, but it can help you lose weight as well. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on the mind and body working together. Traditional yoga exercises do not normally raise your heart rate, which many associate with burning calories.

Yoga Postures For Kids – The King of Beasts

Pounce like a lion at kids yoga online where there is no limit to your imagination. Your hands will grow in to paws and your tailbone will sprout a tail when you practice animal yoga for kids. So shake your shaggy mane and ROAR!

The Ojai Yoga Crib – A Yoga Retreat Like No Other

The teacher’s voice is like a soft whispering hum filling the room, it tickles the skin and nourishes just the right place within. To be in the presence of such a brilliant, loving, and soulful teacher is a rare opportunity. As we move from pose to pose, sweat dripping from our faces, there is an internal smile that awakens with gratitude and joy at the awesomeness of such a class. This is no regular yoga class, here, we are a community, we are loved, and we feel at home.

Why Yoga Beginners Should Start With a Class

Yoga has many sides to it outside of the physical aspect most often associated with it. However, the physical aspect is deceptively difficult, especially for the beginner. In order to learn proper technique and posture, the newbie to yoga should start out at a class.

Do You Really Need All That Yoga Equipment?

One thing about yoga that many people like is that it can be done without the need for expensive equipment or a membership at the local gym. But is there some equipment you should consider essential? And if you don’t really need equipment, why is there so much of it out there?

The Skinny on Yoga Wear

Both men and women’s yoga clothing is a popular aspect of the exercise. Beyond a yoga mat and either personal instruction or DVD instruction, yoga wear is the one thing that can be a little complicated. The first step in finding the right yoga clothing is to determine what pieces of clothing are right choices, and which items are the wrong choices.

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