Yoga for Weight Loss – What Is Needed to Lose Weight With Yoga?

There are many reasons to implement a yoga routine into your weekly schedule. Many people focus on the increase of flexibility and balance that is sure to be seen by those who practice yoga regularly. While it is definitely true that avid yoga participants are more flexible and balanced than when they first begin, there are other physical benefits of yoga.

Best Yoga Warm-Up? Somatic Movement Might Be the Answer

Do you really need a warm-up for a yoga session? Isn’t yoga gentle enough on its own? If you need a little kickstart, how about just doing some sun salutes? The answers are, respectively… Maybe not, probably, and yes, often that’s enough… But haven’t you ever got a couple of postures into your routine and thought that something’s just a little sticky? Maybe there’s one little bit of your back that feels a tad locked, or the hips are just not as supple as usual. Well, if you have, somatic movement might just be the answer…

Yoga Classes For Children

As Yoga classes for children become increasingly more popular, a variety of programs are being offered in studios, schools, and community centers around the world. These classes provide the same benefits as traditional Yoga, but their impact can be far-reaching.

Sun Salutations

One of the best yoga exercises is the sun salutation. Do it once or twice when you get up in the morning to help relieve stiffness and invigorate the body. Multiple repetitions at night will help you to relax; insomniacs often find that six to 12 rounds help them fall asleep.

Get The Glow!

Yoga is no longer for freak show flexibility, it isn’t a weird eastern religion and it’s not just for women! There is a long history of medical evidence supporting the physical and psychological benefits of yoga. It’s the perfect compliment to any exercise program.

Facts About Suspended Yoga Classes

Have you ever heard about the new trend of exercise and body relaxation known as suspended yoga? The objective of this is similar to the traditional form, which is working out your body and mind to stay healthy and strong.

Yoga Tips – How Long Should You Hold Yoga Poses?

Many practitioners of Hatha Yoga often wonder how long each pose should be held. During the process of holding Yoga poses (asanas), there is actually no definitive amount of time that should be applied to each move. The asana should be held as long as it is comfortable and does not cause any pain or discomfort. In addition, it should be quite easy to breathe deeply and fully while holding each Yoga pose.

How to Select Yoga Props

Selecting the proper Yoga props can make the difference between an uncomfortable practice and a fully engaged session. Props are essential for practitioners, who may be holding postures for minutes at a time, in the best possible alignment. For those students who are less flexible, using props ensures correct, safe positioning.

How to Lengthen Your Spine Through Yoga Moves

Practicing Yoga poses, in order to stretch the spine, works in a multitude of ways. First, the poses strengthen the muscles around the spine, preventing injury in the future. Second, because the spine itself is more limber due to the stretching, the blood flow to the area is increased. This decreases the stress and pain within the area.

The Five Most Popular Yoga Asanas Today

Yoga has gained in popularity – to the point where asanas have become recognizable even to non-practitioners of Yoga. The following five most popular, or at least familiar, Yoga asanas, according to an unscientific poll, could be considered as high ranking candidates for the list.

Reducing Shoulder Tension – How Can Yoga Help to Release Shoulder Tension?

Those, with chronic shoulder tension, can benefit greatly from incorporating Yoga into their daily routine. Over time, Hatha Yoga practice will create a noticeable difference in the flexibility and strength within the neck and shoulders. With a little more awareness, one will improve overall posture, which will, in turn, reduce pains and aches.

Yoga Moves for Tough Guys

Professional athletes, along with other sports enthusiasts, are discovering that the practice of Yoga can help them function more effectively in contact sports, and increase their overall health and wellbeing, at the same time. Although there are many Yoga moves (asanas) to challenge one’s strength and fortitude, the following is a short list for competitive athletes of both genders.

How Yoga Moves Can Alleviate High Blood Pressure

In addition to the consistent practice of Yoga having a direct impact on reducing blood pressure, this practice can help reduce the risk factors of developing hypertension. One risk factor is obesity. Regular Hatha Yoga exercise, and a Yogic lifestyle, can contribute to weight loss, which reduces the hypertension.

How Much Do Yoga Instructors Get Paid?

Within Yoga teacher circles, most instructors never discuss their annual income. Salaries can be a “touchy subject;” particularly when one has a vocation in the arts or embracing the spiritual aspects of Yoga. All of these are viewed as enjoyable “hobbies,” but can have a professional aspect. Many imagine that they would love to get paid to teach Yoga, and some of us have this reality. Yet, what kind of salary expectation is reasonable, and how can a Yoga teacher support a family in an uncertain economy?

Instant Energy From Yoga

The dreaded mid-day slump has set in, and you need a burst of energy to get going again. Instead of turning to a cup of coffee or a sugar-filled fruit bar, try a few asanas or an energizing pranayama session for an instant pick-me-up.

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