12 Min Relaxing Hip Opening Flow 💟 Aaaah – Day 9

Does Yoga Calm the Soul?

What turns a stressed to the maximum human being to a easy going well trained loving soul. Know even if you are working at your computer you will still need time for you and this is one way to entertain your healthful whims during the day. Exercise does not have to be strenuous you just need to do it enough to keep yourself in shape and in tune with your inner being.

Hatha Yoga at Vritti – Yoga Chennai

What you see – Located on the road to Nalli’s Adyar branch, just beside the bright pink sign of Sippy Medicals, is the Vritti Yoga Ayur Sala. Banners inform you of their various programs and facilities.

The Practice of Yoga

Most people are attracted to the practice of yoga after seeing a magazine cover or article featuring a very flexible model in a pretzel like posture. Upon visiting a yoga studio, school or gym they are for the most part intending to learn how to work themselves into that kind of posture developing flexibility and tone within their bodies. Many different styles of yoga are practiced and unless one is familiar with the many styles of yoga offered he or she considers them all the same.

Back Pain and Mantras Part 4

Kripalu yoga focuses on postural alignment and the weaving together of breath and movement. Iyengar yoga is a gentle form of yoga which is good for beginners, and people who haven’t exercised for some time. Kundalini yoga focuses on chanting, meditation and visualisation as well as breath control and body postures. Hatha yoga is, probably, the best known and most widely practised form of yoga in the UK. This style focuses on flowing body movements and can be as gentle or as powerful as you choose helping with your back pain.

The 6 Styles of Yoga

Yoga is a versatile form of exercise with many benefits. There are many styles of yoga to choose from. This article discusses 6 styles.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Students With Pre-existing Conditions and Yoga Teacher Continuing Education

Yoga teachers should be cautious and give gentle guidance, when a student has any form of a pre-existing health condition or injury. In some cases, Yoga teachers should refer their students to a Yoga specialist.

Yoga in Practice – How to Find Peace of Mind

Many Yoga practitioners are familiar with the value of a silent retreat to an Ashram or another sacred place. An extended silence turns the mind inward, which makes us more mindful during Yoga and meditation practice. Silent Yoga retreats give us “breathing room” and allow our minds a chance to wind down.

How Should Meditation Be Covered During a Yoga Teacher Certification Course?

Yoga teacher graduates should know, at least, four methods of meditation. Some typical examples would be: Breath Awareness, Visualization without a Physical Object, Mantra, and Focusing on an Object. Some of your students will be able to grasp one of these concepts, but may struggle with the other three.

How Should the Topic of Pranayama Be Covered in a Yoga Teacher Certification Course?

As you sit on a mat practicing meditation, asana, pranayama, mudra, bandhas, japa, or any Yogic method – this is just practice for daily life situations. All of these aspects should be part of your daily life, regardless of the location of your Yoga mat. The easiest Yogic method to transfer into daily life is pranayama.

Prenatal Yoga For Women

What is it? As many may know by now, or not, the word ‘Yoga’ is derived from an ancient Indian word which translates into “union”. Yoga is a practice of poses and postures connected to the development of a person’s body strength and flexibility. Different poses or postures have, in themselves, different benefits.

Come Softly to Me

Finding the inner quality of softness Check out two balloons, the first one is a very thick tough rubber. The second one is a very soft pliable rubber. Now try to fill the first one with air.

Back Pain and Mantras Part 3

Beliefnet is a large website covering a wide variety of spiritual topics. Try starting with the Pain Management Centre where you can listen to a lesson in meditation or follow 10 yoga poses for pain management, in this case back pain.

Anti-Aging Yoga

Yoga is one of the most effective ways to make you look and feel younger and can add years to your life with better health, strength and flexibility. Yoga is suitable for all ages and all health conditions and almost everyone will get some positive benefits from doing yoga on a regular basis. Yoga is one of the most effective methods of reducing stress, along with meditation and anything that will reduce the effects that stress can have on your mind and body will make you look and feel younger.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Essentials For Beginners

The beginning of September is a busy time for Yoga teachers and Yoga studios in North America. This is the time of year when children go back to school and parents make decisions about activities for the next nine months. Whether there are more resolutions, made during September or January, is a subject for debate.

How Should the Topic of Asana Be Covered in a Yoga Teacher Certification Course?

If you are going to teach Hatha Yoga classes, there are many subjects to cover, but asana (posture) is often the starting point of most Yoga teacher training courses. It could be debated that we should follow the Eight Limbed Path, as explained by Maharishi Patanjali, by reviewing the first two limbs (Yama and Niyama) before asana.

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