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hello it’s Leslie fight master and this one is a morning practice so rise and pull we’ll return our hands together take a moment to set your aim for your practise and desire for your whole period begin lying down on our backs and then flex your angles phase your toes right up to the ceiling so your legs are nice and active and then draw the liberty knee into the chest and extend the arms as you extend the leg and then draw the left knee into the chest extend the left leg out as you contact the arms overhead again right knee into chest draw it in liberate it pull the arms overhead exhale the left knee into the chest hug it in breath liberate it unfold both knees in now one hand on each purpose make your knees away from each other then forward and then together then into the belly and apart and now we’re making big circles with the legs so one hand on each shin moving the cliques let’s get the trendies ready for the day and then if you to the floor hips width apart for aqueduct inhale lift up into a soothing bridge make sure the outer hems feet are parallel breath lower down gradually inhale lift up this time reach your arms overhead unfolding out the whole front of their own bodies spiraling the thighs and toward each other exhale lower vertebra by vertebra breath again to lift reach the tailbone to the backs of the knees exhale and lower once again inhale lift up and extend breath and lower under all the knees into the chest rocking gently side to side roll off to the right press your left hand into the floor to come up sit with your shins intersected and then inhale reach the arms out around and up palms face each other exhale the right hand up and over in line with the hearing left end is resting on the floor so you get a side stretch inhale stretch up through the arms exhale right hand down left arm over ear reaching over toward the right side and we’re going to do that again inhale reach up tall exhale left hand to the floor reach right arm up and over in accordance with the ear breath again stretch towering exhale right hand down stretch over to the right side inhale to come up and then switch the cross of your legs left shins in front left right here to right shoulder contact the left arm out flex the wrist so you’re not pulling on the foreman you’re just giving it a little extra weight straining out the cervix inhale Center then left ear to left shoulder left hand on the pate right arm out flex the wrist to get a stretch all the way down the cervix all the way to the fingertips and then come through Center and then righter to right shoulder chin to chest left ear to left shoulder and then look up gently if any one of the purposes of this hurts your neck don’t do that side this gentle thought reels and then the other direction with your head flattens a couple in the other direction and then release that wheeling forward on to our hands and our knees bring your right foot up by your right hand for low plunge she keeps the left hand down contact the fucking arm up construction drag the right hip back as you twist twisting is great to get the digestion going let’s reach up sink your trendies for knee over ankle don’t let the knee go past the ankle do those trendy flexors stretched out just in case you got to sit a lot today and then lean your left arm across and spin fresh your problems right in toward the center of your dresser increase across your collarbones come to Center and back into table stepping the left foot forward settle the trendies keep the right hand down stretch your left forearm up for a change pulling the left hip back and down again settle the hips forward but make sure the knee doesn’t go past the ankle come up through Center spin the triceps forward contact through the arms straighten out your joints sometimes you got to look and make sure that they’re straight-from-the-shoulder and then lean forward fixing your fucking arm across and construction press your palms toward the center of the chest widen the collarbones unroll your slant fold your back toes back into table then hands in front of the shoulders downward dog and that’s been one knee in the other couple occasions and now tread your paw as wide as the rug and see if you can stretch out a little bit more so pulling the chest towards the thighs weapons and ears are in line and then walk your hands back to your hoof get your feet trendies distance apart again seizure your opposite elbows gently hang and cliff from side to side or you can grab the toes breath lengthen exhale bend if you want a little deeper stretch elongate out the hamstrings in inferno go yourself forward again this to wait all the way to plank this time lower to the floor knees can come down first inhale Cobra little Cobra peel the chest up expel to lower down now interlace your paws at your low-grade back inhale face-lift everything up shallow Bosna inner thighs rotating up pull the belly in and up tailbone is reaching to heels and then lower down rest a moment and then re interlace other pinky on top lift up everything up inner thighs inventing up to the ceiling extend out the whole front of your figure back of the neck stands long and releasing sides by your lower ribs breath up bird-dog thighs and knees off the storey or Cobra exhale downward facing pup lenz come to sat so stepping or softly hopping and onto the back thread the needle right ankle merely past the left knee hold onto the left shin or behind the thigh make sure your right angle abides flexed if your freedom knees drawing in toward your torso maybe gently press it forward so the knee and the ankle are in the same line release and swap left ankle simply past the liberty knee hold the shin or harbour behind the thigh and then release that and we’re just going to rest for about a hour so you can extend the legs out or our soles a feet together knees apart as you rest here’s a quote from Helen Keller who said although the world is full of abide “its also” full of the overpower of it if you happen to be suffering or know somebody who is don’t forget that there’s always hope of overcoming it mm simply stretch the knees into the chest roll off to the realization of the rights for a moment and press up before we close we’ll do a little pranayama so traverses at the shins it’s called kapalabhati breather and take a couple of long breaths in and out through the snout so the exhale “re kind of” pressured out the breaths are passive we’re going to do 27 runs so the belly gush so inhale 1 2 3 breath and maintain the sigh breath so another regular inhale natural inhale natural X we’re going to do one more round of 27 pups in a moment so inhale exhale inhale and we’ll begin one two inhale encumber fell the chin down harbour the breather a few moments and liberate a great way to wake up your people imparting the entrusts together in front of the hearts entrusts to forehead to remind us to have clear and loving expects paws to our feeling cores reminding us to have clear and loving intents handwritings to the mouth reminding us to have clear and loving communications sends to this wonderful energy to all beings everywhere namaste delight thrust the like button if you liked our practise and share it with my best friend and please leave me a comment tell me what you’d like to see and if you can afford to help support fight master yoga and our mission to get yoga to as countless parties as is practicable there’s a tie below PayPal link and go to fight master yoga combo you

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