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How to Do the Royal Court Exercise ‘Hindu’ Squats

Royal court Exercises?? What are those? Well, the friends, these specific exercises are a more-or-less yoga looking bodyweight fitness regimen that involves 3 exercises namely: Hindu Squats, Hindu Push ups and Bridging (in 5/6 recommended positions).

How to Do the Yoga Breathing Exercises

If you really want a great illustration on this, observe an infant. They breathe diaphragmatically and naturally. In other words they don’t use their shoulders or squeeze their stomachs (as some vocal coaches will tell you, which by the way, the world renowned vocal coach of the stars, Mr. Seth Riggs, said in his book to be incorrect).

How to Do the Yoga Abdominal Exercises

Now, I have to say first hand that the following Abdominal and Breathing Exercises that I’m going to be discussing do not need to be practiced per-se by the average practitioner. However, I’m just the kind of guy who is inquisitive and tends to want to try it all.

How to Do the Yoga Corpse Pose

Folks, do not let the name of the pose frighten you as in Corpse Pose! (It has nothing to do with a literal death) more with relaxation. That said, the Yoga Corpse/Relaxation Pose is a restorative pose that is usually practiced during and after your yoga session.

How to Do Yoga Forward Bends

Now that we have covered inversions, let’s go into the next set of yoga poses in the Sivananda style of yoga; the forward bends. From a simple observation, forward bend poses look very simple and easy but they do have very beneficial effects on the entire system.

How to Do Yoga – The Peacock Poses

I used to think to myself, well, I have done the Sun exercises, inversions, forward, backward and lateral bends, what do I need the balancing exercises for and should they be done daily? Well, I will answer the latter question later on, but now, I will go into the necessity of the poses themselves.

You Can Do the Headstand Now But Remember These Factors

By now you must have been doing the headstand with ease and comfort. By now you must have realized that what you thought was impossible is indeed very possible and not intimidating at all. Great, now let’s deal with coming out of the pose and it’s counter poses.

Still More Tips For Standing on Your Head

Okay, getting back to the task at hand: tips on how to do the Yoga Headstand. At the closing portion of the last article I had mentioned that one should go into a a child’s pose before getting ready to go into the headstand. So let’s go on.

How to Do the Yoga Sitting & Standing Exercises

We have thus far gone over the Sun Exercises, the Inversions, The Forward, Backward and side bending exercises and the balancing poses as well. Now in keeping in line with the order of the poses, we will now be going over the sitting and standing exercises as prescribed by the late Swami Vishnu Devananda for the execution of the style of yoga named after his teacher.

Taking Pranayama to the Next Level

Okay, we are back with the Yogic Pranayama Exercises. I have to stress quickly that here, we are going over some exercises of dare I say more on the spiritually related side of things.

How to Do Yoga Back Bending Exercises

Now that we have gone over forward bending yoga exercises, let’s try out the backward bending poses. It is noteworthy of mention that owing to the direct movement in any asana, a counter pose must be performed to offset it. A counter pose is a yoga pose that stretches your spine in the opposite direction from a previous pose or returns your spine to a neutral position.

How to Do the Yoga Crow Poses

We have gone over the peacock pose and its variations, now I will be demonstrating how to do the Crow pose. It is noteworthy of mention that the crow could be seen as a counter pose to the peacock pose, even with how the hands are placed and the position of the spine.

Discover the Many Benefits of Yoga

There is a lot of hype in the media about yoga at the moment, especially concerning its many benefits to our bodies and general well being. Maybe you have tried yoga and you have felt great afterwards. But what exactly are these health improvements that yoga can provide you?

How to Do Yoga – Part 1 of 3

Yoga is a power. Yoga practice to whatever degree possible should become a daily feature in everyone’s life. Through the gradual practice, it makes the mind and body impregnable.

Various Yoga Accessories Such As Yoga Cards

There are many different ways you can do yoga. You can do it on a Wii video game, you can use videos.

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