10 min Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch

Chakras for Good Spiritual Health

Yoga not only improves the function of the mind and body, but also provides relief for back pain and many other illnesses that have something to do with posture. One of the aims of yoga is to change the traditional habits, helping pregnant women with motor problems as well as people suffering from chronic pain and stress.

How Yoga Enables Healthy and Happy Life

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which refers to connect, join, or unite. This signifies joining or combining all aspects of an individual i.e., body with mind and mind with soul in order to lead a happy, balanced and valuable life.

How To Start Doing Yoga At Home

Yoga is one of the most beneficial exercise forms that you’ll find in the world. We will discuss how to start doing yoga at home in this article.

The Palm Tree: A Relaxing, Strengthening Yoga Pose

If you are serious about developing a general level of tone and fitness, you’ll need to move on to yoga postures that start to stretch you. And the Palm Tree may be your next step.

Improve Your Health and Your Relationship With Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to increase strength, agility and blood flow to all parts of the body. You can be any age, shape or size to enjoy the benefits of yoga. There are hundreds of styles and various levels to explore from gentle stretching and breathing exercises for the physically challenged – to advanced power yoga for an incredibly intense workout.

How Yoga Moves Can Benefit Pregnant Women

Prenatal Yoga has many benefits for mother-to-be and baby. The gentle stretching and breathing can aid in delivery and make the pregnancy more comfortable.

Meditation Matters!

Do you think that meditation is deep concentration? Then you’re in for a surprise: Meditation is de-concentration, letting go.

Yoga – More Than Postures and Poses!

Yoga, when practiced, can help one attain a harmonious union between the body, mind and spirit. Relief from ailments and illnesses, such as diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, hypertension or body pain, are simply by-products of the practice.

How Yoga Can Benefit Your Health

Yoga is a form of balance and exercise that has been around for 5,000 years. Many people choose this type of workout because it has additional health benefits. Yoga is made up of a variety of poses that help to stretch you muscles and also reduce fatigue and pain in a more natural way.

Abdominal Toning – One of The Hidden Benefits From Yoga

If you are concerned about weight loss and what the most beneficial exercises are to achieve the best result you may be in for a surprise. For most the primary reason for practicing yoga is to achieve a relaxed state of mind and eliminate stress. But have you ever noticed that those people who do yoga also seem to be trim and fit? Is it a coincidence that yoga practitioners seem to lack the abdominal fat of their friends and colleagues sweating it out in the gym?

Yoga Positions to Counter Migraines

Migraines are caused by stress, dieting, insufficient sleep, allergic reactions amongst other causes. The symptoms include headaches, nausea, pain and sensitivity to sound and light and they can make the victim’s life unbearable. Apart from medication, there are other natural ways to handle this condition.

Yoga and Pilates, Complimentary Disciplines

Yoga and Pilates has experienced a resurgence in interest in the last few years. Both forms of exercise offer time proven methods that are very beneficial. Determining which form of exercise is best for you is a matter of personal goals and personal interest. In this article we will learn the differences between yoga and pilates and how they are also the perfect compliment for each other.

Benefits of Yoga for Martial Artists

Comparing yoga with martial arts, you will realize that they are in polar opposition to each other. Yoga is full of the slow movements, peaceful breathing, and calming stretches. But if you further examine the benefits of yoga, you will quickly realize that they are perfect for martial artists in many ways.

Adding Yoga To A Busy Routine

In order to fulfill your day to day duties and responsibilities, you need to have control on both your body and mind. And the best way to relax is by practicing yoga. Many people would say that this practice may take a lot from our time, but once you establish a certain routine, you would definitely see the benefits it can bring to your existence.

What Are the Main Advantages of Going for Yoga Retreats?

In the busy world of today, a person often needs a break from his daily jam-packed schedule of works and get a period in solitude where he can relax and give his body and his mind a much required rest. It is for this reason that most of the doctors and the GYM mentors suggest not only go for exercising but to also go for doing Yoga.

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