10 min Morning Yoga for Flexibility

The Benefits of Transurfing Yoga

Transurfing Yoga with Dumbbells has emerged in recent years as one of the most popular and innovative forms of fitness training currently available. It operates on a simple, but effective system merging the core benefits of yoga with weight lifting dumbbells allowing users to achieve their goals at a strong albeit steady pace.

The Crescent: A Relaxing Beginner’s Yoga Posture

If you’re starting to get into yoga, but need to work your way up slowly into the more strenuous poses, here is one that can get you going. In fact, this posture – the Crescent – is one you can do on its own to relax with, even during a busy day.

The Values of Doing Yoga

Presenting the physical benefits of practising yoga. These physical benefits gained helps the entire body inwards and outwords.

Memory: Friend and Foe

Memory can be a friend or foe, it can help or it can harm, it can facilitate or complicate. In daily life, the myriad of help that memory gives is incalculable. But what about those times when you wish you would not remember, when all you seemingly want to do is forget, but instead, the memories are right there with you every step of the way.

Benefits of Becoming a Yogi

A Yogi is a person who practises the disciplines of yoga. In India, traditionally, a yogi or yogin was a person who aimed to achieve a state called Samadhi, or enlightenment. Today it is widely believed that this practice brings flexibility and increased good health.

Yoga for Big People

Many people believe that yoga is just a tiring workout that utilizes difficult postures. Alas, yoga is more that the complicated postures associated with it. Yoga, according to its practitioners, gives them a sort of enlightening experience. The exercise is a like a bridge that connects the physical and spiritual aspects of a person, and between the past and the present. It is a way of helping the mind of the person transcend from its ego and other world pleasures.

Yoga for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

Studies have shown yoga to be an effective tool in pain management. Some studies have specifically looked at yoga’s effect of the pain associated with fibromyalgia, a debilitating disease in which those affected suffer almost continuous, chronic pain.

How to Avoid Health Problems With This Simple Yogic Approach

Those in helping professions or helping roles know burnout can affect more than their performance. Yet the desire to help can cloud the warning signs, and the slow descent goes unnoticed. Try this yoga method and avoid health problems.

Reveca’s Story

Reveca survived a car crash with a broken neck and spine. After three years of physical therapy, her therapist told her she wasn’t going to improve any more. However, Reveca found a hot yoga studio and a determined teacher. Together they beat the odds.

Yoga Benefits: Read This If You Are Truly Serious About Your Health!

If there’s a fitness program that really stands out for the last decade or so, it is definitely yoga. And it is not very surprising that nearly everyone wants to get involved in this exercise. After all, you can get a lot of benefits from yoga by merely executing one of its poses.

Tips on Getting Pregnant – Why Not Try Yoga!

Where conceiving a child is concerned, you will be ready to do a lot of things. However unless it is a serious medical issue regarding infertility, small things can help you in unforeseen ways.

Yoga for Curing Depression

Yoga is an ancient technique of exercises of both, brain and brawn. The practice of yoga originated thousands of years ago in what is now known as India. Yoga has many advantages, if practiced in everyday life.

Yoga for Kids – Your Children Will Thank You When They Grow Up

Yoga is an excellent practice to introduce to children. In addition to being a physical activity yoga can also teach children how to manage stress and practice relaxation techniques. These skills will be invaluable throughout the child’s life…

Introduction to Yoga in All Its Forms

Yoga is the stilling of the mind lake. Only when the lake is still and calm can the beautiful jewel lying deep below be seen in all its glory. The jewel being the atman or pure self. The real you without the mask.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga

You know you should be practicing yoga, everybody else certainly is! And it’s no wonder, considering that the health benefits of yoga are practically endless.

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