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Some Important Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has been discovered since thousands of years. But all these years, not many people in the world were aware of its benefit and good effects on our body. Yoga was thought to be something that was practiced by sages and sadhus in the mountains of India and all the claims of it actually being a healing art were responded with disbelief and many times with ridicule.

Yoga Asana – The Scorpion Posture

This is a fairly difficult yoga posture but like all the yoga postures, scorpion posture also has loads of benefits. This posture is called scorpion posture because when performed fully, the shape of the body of the performer looks like that of a scorpion which is ready to sting someone. The Sanskrit name of this posture is Vrischika-asana which literally means Scorpion Posture.

Types of Yoga Which Can Help You Lose Weight

Today, yoga has become a way of life. It is seen as a great way to keep our mind and body fit. Yoga has many postures and techniques which have been specially developed to benefit various parts of our body. Many studies have shown that practicing yoga regularly makes us feel better and healthier. Yoga restores the flexibility of our body, tones our muscles and improves our physical and mental strength.

Yoga Asana – The Turned Side-Angle Posture

This is a fairly easy posture of yoga that will not require a lot of practice to master. The Sanskrit name for this posture is Parivritta-parshvakona-asana. This means revolved at an angle where parivritta stands for revolved or turned back, parsva stands for side and kona is Sanskrit for angle.

Yoga Posture – The Child Pose

This is a very easy posture which is performed as a resting pose between two difficult postures. The Sanskrit name for this ‘Balasana’ in which ‘Bal’ means child and ‘asana’ means posture. This posture is called the child posture because our body bends in the fetal position in this pose. This posture eases the tension in the neck and back area and stretches the hips muscles and strengthens the thigh muscles.

Yoga Can Assist You to Get Rid of the Gut

Getting a flatter stomach still remains the objective of lots of people; nevertheless most individuals may not be conscious of just how efficient some yoga poses might be for this objective and also the additional advantage of detoxing. Discover how combining yoga and a detox program can help you reach your goals starting today!

The Philosophy of Yoga

Yoga is one of the most popular forms meditations, today. More and more people around the world are practicing yoga techniques as physical exercise.

Yoga Central – Plank Pose

This is the latest article in our yoga central series and today we will be looking at a pose known as plank pose. We will look at how to properly carry out the pose, the benefits you can get from it and anything that you need to consider before beginning. Please read the entire article before trying the pose.

Asanas – The Wheel Posture

This is a fairly difficult posture and can be difficult to perform and master. The Sanskrit name for this posture is ‘Chakra asana’ which also means wheel posture. As the name suggests, in this posture our body bends in a circular shape like a wheel. It is also known as the urdhva-dhanurasana asana in which urdhva means elevated and dhanur means the bow.

Yoga Asana – The Accomplished Posture

Yoga has hundreds of different postures which are performed for different effects. Each yoga posture was especially designed to give a certain benefit to the body. The Sanskrit name for accomplished posture is Siddha Asana. Siddha is the Sanskrit word for accomplished or the one who has attained the highest position.

Yoga Asana – The Head Stand Posture

This is probably the most popular postures of yoga. It is one posture that is most widely used to depict asanas. The Sanskrit word for the Head Stand posture is Sirsha Asana which is simply translated into the head posture. This posture is a fairly difficult one and does require some practice to master.

Asanas and Stress

Yoga is a great stress buster. Studies have shown that yoga not only de-stresses the mind but is also works as a therapy while curing depression and other psychological problems. The main reason behind this is that yoga postures greatly manipulate the working of our endocrine system.

Yoga and the Intellect – Different Yoga Practices and Techniques to Control Your Mind and Body

This was to be done little by little, said Shri Krishna. Arjuna, however, did not view the task hopefully. He exclaimed, ‘The mind (manas) is very restless, O Krishna Impetuous, powerful, and firm. I think it is as hard to control as the wind. The teachers reply was definite and simple Undoubtedly the mind (manas) is restless and hard to control, but it is held by practice (abhyasa) and uncoloured. ness (vairagya).

Nature Discovered by the Scientist and About the Harmonies That Come With Yoga

Such pictures are possible when there is an inspiration representing one idea in which all the components are necessary and none in conflict. Such pictures, if landscapes, will have their origin in a peaceful scene, in which the elements do not molest one another sea is sea, mountain mountain, cloud, and sky and yet they set one another off; indeed, the harmony of Nature discovered by the scientist tells us that these are necessary to one another.

Relax With Yoga – Four Easy Yoga Techniques to Help You Release Stress

Simple yoga stretches, breathing techniques and relaxation practices are some of the more popular ways of relaxing. Like most people, you spend a lot of your day busy at work, you invest time and energy to do your best and give your best to work colleagues, family and friends.

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