10-Min Fertility Meditation To Invite Your Baby Into Your Womb (+Affirmations)

What is the Best Yoga Technique to Study and Practice?

In today’s stressed out world, yoga has become very popular as it is proven to help calm the mind, release tension and alleviate anxiety. More than just helping those afflictions, yoga is also well known for its physical aspects – toning muscles, improving flexibility & posture, losing weight, etc.

Yoga Bolsters – How to Choose the Best One For You

Ever wonder what a yoga bolster is and what it’s used for? If you re a beginning yoga student, a yoga bolster might just be what you need to get a great start on a more flexible and stress-free body.

Breathing Yoga Exercises and Getting Fit

Breathing yoga exercises gives you a number of ways to get fit. Most of the time you will find people telling you that you need to eat less, other times you find people who tell you to eat more. Some people tell you to use this product and other tell you to use that product, and if you try to figure it all out on your own, you end up getting confused, as there are just so much weight loss things to sift through. If you really want to get somewhere, you should start finding out about the many different breathing yoga exercises.

Yoga For You

Your diet and the increase of basic fitness using brisk outdoor walks are an excellent basis for yoga. You have probably noticed the Yoga craze that has swept North America over the past few years: perhaps you’ve noticed people carrying yoga mats and wearing special exercise clothes designed just for yoga. There is a reason why people are so devoted to the practice of yoga: it really works!

Yoga and Posture Awareness

So how can practicing Yoga help you improve your posture? In your yoga class you will have learned the correct alignment that your spine should have. You should also learn exercises for strengthening your back and neck muscles. These two combined should make a lot of difference.

Using Yoga to Chase Away the Blues

While any kind of exercise will release hormones that help ease the stress that leads to depression and feeling blue, practicing yoga is a great disposition enhancer. You will find that any of the various forms of yoga can help you chase away the blues. And since the exercises are not physically demanding, you will feel better at the end of your workout session.

Yoga and Arthritis – A Holistic Approach to Pain Relief

The basic tenets of yoga are actually all that is needed in the treatment of arthritis. Bending exercises and contorted poses are obviously not an option. But it is the practice of breathing and self-awareness that brings arthritis pain relief to so many people.

The First Three Steps to Developing Your Yoga Practice

Yoga has so many benefit to both mental and physical health that I can’t stress enough how much I recommend it as a supplement to any fitness program. Many people don’t know where to start and I don’t blame them! Certified yoga instructors go through 300-500 hours of in-class training. The art of yoga is a very deep and complex system but worth getting familiar with and practicing.

Prenatal Yoga DVDs Maintains Your Health and Promotes Your Baby’s Well-Being

Stretching and strengthening your muscles, learning to focus on and control individual muscle groups, and adjusting to your body’s new center of gravity, you prepare your body for the ravages of childbirth. Far more importantly, however, as you develop your own cardio-vascular capacity, you assure your baby’s development of a strong, healthy heart.

Use Yoga DVD Reviews to Find Practice For Athletes

Yoga naturally complements and supplements athletes’ regular conditioning. Use high-quality yoga DVD reviews to find a practice precisely tailored to your needs.

How to “Yoga Meditate”

There is no doubt that yoga provides many health benefits to it’s practitioners including strengthening of the core muscles, increased flexibility, and achieving better focus. An important part of yoga that many beginners don’t quite understand is the area of yoga meditation. As your practice matures you will find that there are many yoga meditation techniques to master. But as a beginner it is best to master the basics.

Yoga – A Balancing Act of Mind and Body

The practice of yoga has been around for over 5m000 years and is often thought of as the elixir of life … a cure-all solution for all of our daily problems and illnesses. But what is it about yoga that makes people feel that way about it?

The One Yoga Position You Absolutely Must Know

You’ll be happy to know that there really is only ONE yoga position that everyone should be aware of. And if you’re like most of us with our over-committed and helter skelter lives, ONE is a good number to know. So what is this special pose and why is it good enough to be considered “The One To Know” by practitioners?

Yoga – A Valuable Tool For Reaching Your Goals

Exercising in any form tends to make you feel better about yourself and therefore helps you to be able to reach your goals. But yoga takes it one step further by putting you more in control of yourself.

Chair Yoga – A Great Exercise Option For Seniors

Many seniors have a hard time getting enough exercise due to physical conditions that are limiting or because of balance issues. And while many people think that exercising from a chair is pointless, chair yoga has some terrific aspects that seniors can benefit from.

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