Yoga – Yet Another Benefit – Easing the Way Through Menopause

For some women, perimenopausal symptoms can be so severe as to warrant a physician prescribing hormonal replacement therapy (HRT). HRT artificially elevates the levels of both the estrogen and progesterone hormones, and has been linked in numerous studies to increased risks of stroke, breast cancer, and heart disease. Because of this, many women have been reluctant to use HRT.

Yoga and Weight Loss – Helps You Keep Up With Our Fast Paced Society

Yoga is an effective weight loss and health keeping strategy so people can enjoy the fullness of life on this wonderful earth. Yoga is a holistic practice which uses meditation and postural techniques to effectively promote peace of mind, improve body condition and encourage healthy living. Learn and acquire cleansing yoga techniques to keep your body slimmer, sexier and lovelier than ever before.

The Inspectional-Savitarka – Yoga Practices and Techniques

The investigational is intended to find out the subtle characters or abstract natures of such things, that is, the characteristics and qualities of them which are not visible to the senses. This requires much thought about categories or classes of the objects, and their constants behind time and space. Let us take as our example the notion of a cow. In the vitarka stage we shall observe what it is, what it has, and what it does in fact.

Christian Yoga – What’s the Story?

A while ago I saw a newspaper article about a Catholic Yoga class being held somewhere near where I live. At the time I wondered why they needed a special class for Catholics. I could imagine that Catholics wouldn’t want to chant to Shiva or Ganesha, but I seldom find chanting to Hindu gods in mainstream or beginner yoga classes.

Kundalini Yoga Has a Bit of Mystery

Kundalini seems to be one of the schools of yoga around which there is an air of mystery and mysticism. Some might even say there is a hint of danger in it. Kundalini is different than some of the more popular and mainstream types of yoga most commonly practiced in the United States, but I’m not sure how it has earned the reputation it has, for being a more eccentric yoga practice.

Beginner Yoga Poses – Where to Start?

If you’d like to start a personal yoga practice, and learn to practice on your own outside of classes and without videos, but you don’t know where to begin, I have a recommendation for you. Find the book “Moving Toward Balance, 8 Weeks of Yoga with Rodney Yee” by Rodney Yee with Nina Zolotow. Yee’s book takes readers through an 8-week journey of fully experiencing dozens of poses, learning to listen to their inner teacher and developing a level of comfort and confidence in their personal practice.

Yoga For Stress Relief – 3 Easy Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress

Stress and tension is part and parcel of everyday life. Even the most well-prepared and seasoned yogi experiences stress. In essence, stress results from how you react to changes in your life, from simple actions such as picking up the phone to phone a friend to more complex situations such a preparing for your first birth; the way you respond to these events determines the impact the stress will have on your life.

Yoga For Beginners – 6 Easy Ways to Practice Yoga at Home

If you are keen to develop your yoga practice, it is a really good idea to practice yoga at home. Nothing heavy, you can start off with doing a couple of your favorite poses and gradually build up from there.

Knowing Your Asana From Your Ashtanga – The Basics of Yoga

People practice yoga for all sorts of reasons: to stay fit and trim, to achieve a sense of inner calm and well-being, to gain increased flexibility and coordination, and to improve their posture. But to the uninitiated, the practice of yoga remains a mystery. What exactly is yoga – and why do we care?

Benefits of Baby Yoga

Many brand-new mothers look for a gentle exercise class that will not only help them ease their post-pregnancy bodies back into shape, but will also improve their posture and flexibility while giving them back some pre-baby physical confidence. But finding quality childcare while they waltz off to the gym for an hour or two is not always feasible – either practically or financially.

The Main Benefits of Yoga That You Will Enjoy

You simply have to be physically active in order to be healthy and to look good. You can pick between many different types of exercises depending on your preferences and requirements. Yoga is definitely one of the most beneficial activities you can engage in. It is good for you in many different ways. It will have a positive effect on your body, mind and soul.

Yoga and the Intellect – About the Three Stages of Yoga – Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation

It is in the last three of the eight limbs of yoga presented in the Saga Ultras that we find the training and use of the mind. In this there are three clearly defined stages. These stages are concentration, meditation and contemplation. In this first of these there is the application of the mind’s attention to a particular thing or idea, without wandering away from it.

How You May Benefit From Doing the Shoulder-Stand

Well, I don’t know about you, but anyone who basically had time to just be a kid and explore one’s own body must have executed this pose albeit unconsciously at some point in their lives. That pose is the Shoulder-stand.

How You May Benefit From the Yoga Headstand

Folks, it should be stressed that the headstand and shoulder stand are two poses that belong to a specific group of yoga poses known as Inversions. And as the name suggests, when the poses are executed, you are basically positioned upside down.

Using a Yoga Mat Cleaner is Important

Yoga is a great way for you to be able to gain many health benefits such as increased flexibility, less stress from being able to relax and focus better, as well as weight loss and body sculpting. It would be a shame for you to actually get sick because you aren’t using proper hygiene when doing yoga. For these reasons, using a yoga mat cleaner is very important. I am going to tell you about the different kinds of mat cleaners for your yoga mat.

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