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Increase Your Flexibility and Strength With Yoga

From Madonna to Jennifer Aniston, celebrities and people of all shapes and sizes are incorporating yoga into their fitness regimes. The roots of yoga extend far deeper than just exercise, however. Yoga originated in India and it is associated with meditative practices in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

Bikram Hot Yoga – What Are the Benefits?

Bikram yoga, also referred to as ‘hot yoga’, is a form of yoga created by living yoga master Bikram Choudhury. Hot yoga is believed to have many healing and restorative benefits such as detoxifying the body and weight loss as well as encouraging a general state of well being.

Advantages of Hot Yoga

Yoga has many different sub categories. One of the most important sub categories of yoga is hot yoga. The poses which form a part of hot yoga can only be done in a room which has been heated up in order to gain the maximum possible benefit. The place which is being used in order to perform hot yoga should be maintained a temperature which ranges anywhere between ninety five degrees and hundred degrees. A large amount of sweating and perspiration is involved in this form of exercise since it is being done in a place which has been maintained at an excessively high temperature.

Finding Your Yoga Niche

In the late 19th century, Yoga was introduced to the western world by India and since then has gone through many adaptations. Now, Yoga is practiced in five basic ways.

Yoga in the Montessori Classroom

Elementary children can also deepen their understanding of how the poses benefit the body/mind. One exuberant yet rather wobbly six-year-old discovered focus while practicing the tree pose, a one-legged position. As this child concentrated on her pose, her standing leg stabilized and her eyes grew rounder and rounder… Perhaps she found other ways to apply that lesson!

The Advantages of Adopting a Yoga Lifestyle

Yoga has existed in India for several centuries. It is widely believed that Yoga as a way of life begun some 5000 years ago in India. At that time, it helped people to stay healthy and mentally active. Today, after several centuries people’s interest in Yoga has been revived and this trend is more evident in the United States of America.

Benefits of Dahn Yoga Healing!

The contemporary world is full of people who often rarely would engage in conducting mind relaxing exercise. People are always in a rush to make ends meet, beat deadlines at work and study for exams, upbring a family or are undergoing various forms spiritual, emotional, psychological or even financial challenges. All these activities much as they are necessary put a strain on human mind and ability to concentrate and be more productive and efficient.

Yoga For Your Immunity System

With the H1N1 virus becoming a global epidemic just after the SARS scare a few years ago, people are starting to find ways to build up their immunity system from taking tablets to drinking herbal tonics and elixirs. However a simple way to help build up one’s immunity system is actually through a practice of yoga.

Acro-Yoga – What it is and How to Do the Basic Acro-Yoga Moves

With all styles of yoga becoming increasingly popular, it’s hard to remember what’s what. Here is a style of yoga so completely unique that it will have you coming back for more again and again. Rather than standing in one position breathing, really use your flexibility and even learn to fly.

Exploring the Wonders and Benefits of Yoga

Integral health is the in-thing in the contemporary world of healthcare since the concern is no longer just on the physical and superficial attributes of a person. Wellness exudes from the inside and out hence, mental and emotional health is more than ever given emphasis and utmost importance. In ensuring a quality way of life, there are several arts and scientific approaches used and practiced by healthy buffs and enthusiasts. Yoga is one of the proven and tested remedies for mental and emotional health that provides a holistic wellness to those who devotedly live its principles. It is a timeless and ancient teaching that has found its way in today’s health sustenance and care.

Wellness Holidays – Relax, Pamper & Rejuvenate

Wellness holidays are becoming more popular compared to traditional sightseeing & shopping holidays as people are recognizing the importance of taking care of their health as our society becomes more stressed, more polluted & our bodies suffer and become more susceptible to diseases. Feeling stressed, tired, lethargic or in need of some pampering & rejuvenation? Then consider taking a wellness holiday for your next break.

Yoga and You

Contrary to how it has been widely promoted, Yoga is actually much deeper than merely the commercial fronts. Yoga is much more than a fitness activity, it is not a religion, it is not a fad, it is Science.

Yoga is Science

Yoga today has become a widely commercialized term. We see Yoga studios sprouting up, sometimes simultaneously all over the world, and big banners promoting slim, toned and fresh-looking celebrities. Yoga is now commonly accredited with weight loss benefits, sports recovery, stress reliever and occasionally healing of physical illnesses.

What Are the Real Benefits of Yoga For the Older Person?

Yoga is a very popular form of exercise and you can find yoga classes in gyms and halls around the country but what are the real benefits of yoga for you? Age is No Barrier – the great thing about yoga is that you can start at any age or stage of fitness, in fact there are many different yoga classes geared for both the very young and the very old. Yoga is a great way for children to maintain their youthful limberness into their adulthood.

Yoga Feels Good

Why Yoga feels so good. Are you looking for a self-help treatment that you can give yourself? Look no farther than you local Yoga studio.

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