10 Min Beginner Morning Vinyasa Flow | FULL BODY STRETCH

The Beginners Guide to Stress Management – Three Easy Ways to Relax With Yoga

Do you struggle to keep up with the pace of work and high expectations of your boss? Do you ever feel unsupported, overly criticised or even victimised by work colleagues? Maybe you feel undervalued at work and your contributions to team development not recognised or appreciated?

Yoga Mats 101

As well as having an army of celebrity supporters, yoga is one of the most enjoyed and rewarding hobbies. Extremely beneficial for physical as well as mental conditioning, yoga is genuinely a worldwide phenomenon. There is no such thing as the perfect yoga mat, because they are designed for the many different kinds of yoga.

Are You a Procrastinator? Join the Club!

Do you find yourself putting off, waiving, tabling, suspending, deferring, adjourning and delaying certain things in your life repeatedly? I often find myself in this situation.

Tips on Buying the Perfect Yoga Clothing

In this confused world, yoga is an extraordinary means of contemplation which will bestow you the tranquility you need. You can relax and contemplate with complete comfort if you practice yoga.

The Cat Stretch – An Excellent Exercise For Your Back

The level of correct spinal alignment is important to assist in the various different functions performed by the backbone which include supporting the trunk that makes all movement possible. When your spine is injured or misaligned, it impairs the overall functioning of your back causing severe discomfort and limits your ability to move.

Famous Maharshi Ramana – His Yoga and Breathing Exercises

The famous Maharshi Ramana, of South India, who died a few years ago, was famous for his calm steadiness of vision, and also for his constant teaching of the steadiness of the I looking at the I. We come now to the last of the group of six cleansings, called ‘clearing the skull (kapalabhati).

What is Yoga, and How Does it Benefit Us?

Exercise plays a vital role in human life because it keeps the human body fit and healthy. Without exercise, no one can feel healthy and active.

The Cultivation of Chi

Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga are internal modalities used for the purpose of energy cultivation. This energy, if carefully discovered in the joints of the body and successfully moved through the meridians can stimulate the organs and glands of the body to function better and secrete the proper enzymes leading to a better state of health. Yoga is popular with younger and middle aged people while tai chi and qi gong are popular with the older crowd.

Successful Yoga Practice – Top Ten Tips to Get the Most From Your Practice

To be successful, at yoga, or anything else in life, you need two main ingredients: understand the fundamentals of the activity and know yourself. These top ten tips will give you a solid foundation on which to develop your yoga practice on a daily basis.

Parikarmas – Developing Friendliness or Maitri

Ever wonder why we do not share positive feelings such as Friendliness or Maitri with other people with the same generosity we show when sharing our bad mood! Osho says very wisely that if it is difficult to share friendly feelings with people, start with nature. Yoga talks about 4 social attitudes or Parikarmas which we can develop.

Daily Practice of Yoga Can Help With Weight Loss

Fitness of the body requires a balanced lifestyle. Many illnesses are prevented when we lead a balanced life. Prime reasons for diseases are imbalances in our food, sleep, thought and other habits.

About Yoga Mats

There is no such thing as the perfect yoga mat, because they are designed for the many varying forms of yoga. The perfect mat for an extreme high energy form of yoga will end up being a bad choice for a a more relaxing type with plenty of meditation. Your intended yoga usage is crucial to selecting your own perfect mat.

Gentle Yoga – Anyone Can Practice Yoga

The term ‘Gentle Yoga’, is really self explanatory. It is not a ‘brand” of yoga but rather a selection of simple and preparatory postures. It is slow paced, aimed at preparing or conditioning the body to perform more difficult Yoga postures. A Yogi’s body must be supple and pliant to perform various Yoga postures. Gentle Yoga is a great way to achieve this without any possibility of injury for the new practitioner.

Top 10 Online Yoga Videos For a Healthy You

Yoga originated from India. It is a mental and physical activity used by many people today as a way of staying fit. Today, people attend yoga classes for wellness. If you are interested to learn more about yoga and how it is done but don’t have the time to go to yoga classes, you can get yourself online yoga videos so you can do yoga in the comforts of your home.

Yoga For School-Age Kids

Not every child is good at sports and it’s sometimes difficult to know how to get your children to exercise, when you know they don’t enjoy competing. Forcing children into competitive situations can be damaging to their self-confidence and reinforce their dislike of exercise of any kind. When your child isn’t getting enough exercise, it can be quite a problem thinking of ways to get them away from the computer or T.V. Well, I want to tell you a little about the benefits of yoga for children and how it can help them to stay physically and mentally active.

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