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Moon Salutation and Its Benefits in Yoga

Sun salutations are a key part of yoga that all yogis are aware of and most practice as well. Chandra Namaskara or moon salutation is another sequence of asanas that are practiced under certain types of yoga. This sequence consists of a series of ten different poses, which start with the mountain pose and lead the practitioner through a number of postures to complete a salutation. There are a few variations of the Chandra Namaskara series, but most of them focus on the different phases of the moon for inspiration of the cycle. These vinyasa style yoga sessions are often times supposed to counteract the impact of the Surya Namaskara.

Teaching Yoga to Children

Young bodies and minds are prone to learning new things easily. They possess the flexibility of the body that can further be enhanced by yoga practice if proper coaching is provided. Given that, it is very challenging and exciting to teach yoga to children, and requires the skills of an experienced and patient instructor to lead them through the routines. With the spread of yoga through the continents, a large number of studios have begun to offer yoga classes specifically targeted for the children.

Curative Yoga Asanas For Various Ailments

Yoga’s curative value for various ailments cannot be overlooked. With an established routine of a series of asanas, many of the diseases commonly affecting us can be cured and a healthier lifestyle enjoyed by all of us. Yoga prevents as well as cures several disorders of the body and mind. It establishes poise and harmony of the hormones and metabolism of the body; is stimulates endocrine system and builds up natural immunity of the body.

Safety in Yoga Practice

Yoga is a wonderful exercise for your body and mind; it also heals and prevents a number of diseases and disorders. While practicing yoga, it is also imperative to practice it safely; without straining, overdoing or injuring yourself. If you do not take your safety into consideration, some of your body parts are seriously affected.

Benefits of Yoga Postures – Locust Pose

The Locust pose, Shalabha-asana, is practiced with a few variations too; you can take up the classic pose, reverse (vipatra) locust position or half (ardha) locust position to reap its many advantages. As beginners or as someone with a very stiff back or someone having back problems, you can use your hands and fingers to help raise your legs as high as possible; even with assistance from your hands, your back will experience a good stretch and its elasticity will start to develop.

Toddler Yoga Information

Yoga is a great way to be able to stretch, relax, focus, meditate, and do exercise all at the same time. It is an ancient practice that is extremely popular today.

Yoga Exercise is Real Exercise

It’s amusing to me that while yoga is becoming increasing popular, even mainstream, the perception of it as a serene practice of stretching and chanting “Om” persists. Sure there is a level of spirituality to yoga, and parts of the practice are very relaxing, but it can also be hard work. Yoga exercise is real exercise.

Are Yoga DVD’s Worth the Money?

In a world where yoga DVDs seem to be as plentiful and easy to find as bottled water or $3 cups of coffee, they seem to play some part in the practice of most yoga practitioners. It seems, in my experience and that of many of my friends, that yoga begins as a live in-person experience. A friend convinces you to try a class, or after months or years of curiosity you walk into a yoga studio and try it on your own. And that’s when some people catch the bug, the buzz, the benign addiction to yoga.

Yoga and Stress Management – Four Barriers to Reducing Stress

Yoga exercises and relaxation techniques are the best ways to reduce and manage stress. If you are a solo-entrepreneur, a parent with small or teenage children or in charge of a busy team at work then your day can be full of frustration and stress.

Laughter Yoga is Sweeping the Globe

The Laughter Yoga movement began just a few years ago, 1995, in India. A medical doctor had done some research into the physical science behind laughter being the best medicine. He found that the responses to the act of laughing that occur in the body and the brain truly have healing effects.

Laughter Yoga Really is a Blast!

At the time I participated in that meditation I did not realize that Laughter Yoga is a new form of yoga that is gaining popularity worldwide, but given my laughing yoga experience I can clearly see why it is. It was the best kind of exercise, the kind that sneaks up on you.

Overview of the Sivananda Style of Yoga

As we have discovered in previous articles, there are indeed several styles of Yoga, all of which are pretty effective in their use, based on one’s fitness levels, needs and desires. Still it is noteworthy of mention that I singled out the Sivananda Style of Yoga made popular by Swami Vishnu-Devananda and named after his teacher. Taking that into consideration, here is brief overview of this particular style.

Your Own Research Into Yoga For Your Practice Helps

Now, I don’t want to hype any particular style over the other but personally, I lean towards the Sivananda Style of yoga and perhaps that’s because with my practice of the style. I have noticed that for myself and my body, it seems to be the most concise and orderly method of the various styles and after 8 years of its practice, my body would be my best judge.

Okay, Is Yoga Just Stretching?

Dare I say I have heard that question countless number of times, and suffice it to say that of course I know the asker means well by asking “Well, what exactly is yoga?” So, in an attempt to answer the question and well, give any future inquirers something to look up, I will go over the question today.

Just What Effect Does Yoga and Diet Have on the Body? (Part 3)

Elimination and detoxification of poisons in the body are primarily achieved via the excretory organs. Where it not for them, no one would exist. For maximum efficiency of its vital parts, yogic exercises and a healthy diet is essential.

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