1 Hour Yin Yoga Kidney Meridian – Inner Thighs & Spine Yin Yoga

hi everyone welcome to my canal myname is Kassandra and today we’ll be doing a yin yoga class focusing on thekidney meridians so elevations is not something I have hitherto brought into my yinyoga classes on YouTube but you are able to expect a full Meridian series on mychannel and the kidney Meridian is just the first one that we are going to startwith I thought it would be a great is suitable for the vacation era so the kidneysdefinitely patronize us in our detoxification process they filter ourblood filter the urine unquestionably important to organ state and to ouroverall state and well-being so if you are unfamiliar with the concept ofmeridians basically they are thought of in the Eastern Chinese medicinetradition as being these pathways that help to move and move energythroughout the body so same as the hatha yoga tradition views the chakrasystems as a nature to move energy throughout the body in the EasternChinese traditional medicine we have elevations and then what we call energyinstead of being prana like in the hatha yoga heritage we call it qi so it’smoving the exertion through these meridians and immediately into our jointsand our connective tissues which is what the purpose of yin yoga is and then weare able to support the healthful office of our organs and how these healthyfunction of our part forms so the kidney Meridian itself starts from lowerdown into the feet and trips along the inner legs all the way to the tailboneand then up through the prickle into those kidneys so we’ll be doing some hipopeners and certainly inner groin thigh strains as well as a few back deflects Iwon’t be using any props for this practice but you might want to have acouple blocks for some of our deeper hip openers if you need it really begin in acomfortable sat pose whatever that might be to you either up on a block ornot and you can bring your palms down to face onto the knees and we’re justgoing to draw the digit and the index finger together to touch and then letthe palms face down towards you or face down towards the surpass of the knees dropthe shoulders away from the ears chin parallel to the floor and tell the eyesclose use these first few moments of your rehearse to get footed andsettled and a practice focusing on the kidneybrilliance does have a very grinding mood so ifyou’re feeling frazzled stressed out or a bit chaotic this is a greatpractice to only “ve brought you” back into the present moment bring you back into yourbody and back into your wheeze grant the flow of your gulp to becomesmooth and continuous getting your breath to be just as longas the exhale feel the sit bones grounded down intothe earth beneath you like the deep springs of a tree down into the soil and imagine your spine like the stem ofa great big tree reaching and lifting up and for these last few breaths let’sreach our weapons up and wide thumbs spreading just like the fields of atree expanding and breathe into the chest and into the upper back feel theribcage expand figurehead to back and slope to back find that connection from the earthto the sky tailbone to the crown of the top paws to toes and expel exhaust the handwritings back downlet’s acquire our route into our butterfly pose taking a forward fold soles of thefeet will come together knees apart you want to sit up nice and towering here if youfeel like you’re rounding back you can always prop yourself up onto a block andchoose the space that works for you between the ends and the groin they canbe a little closer a little further apart and you can hold the constitute here oryou can walk your hands forward and start to crawl forward letting yourspine round your cervix relax and your head hang heavy so wherever there is agap between your body and the floor that can always be a great place to keep ablock maybe underneath the forehead or if the inner thighs are screaming alittle bit in this pose and it feels simply a little bit too much you can justput a block under each knee to give yourself a little bit more support andif you’re moderately close to the floor like I am now try to turn your palms to faceup towards the sky so there’s no temptation to push or pull and dragyourself into the pose just let gravity do the work for you as you open upthrough the inner groin as you hamper this pose imagine you canbreathe immediately into your kidneys right below the ribs on either side ofthe prickle do late sighs into the back form introducing some intensity back into the armswe’re going to make our way out of this pose but do it really slowly and keepbreathing even as you lift up so simply press into the palms go up inch by inchfeeling your way out and once you’re lifted back up you canbring your hands to the outer hems of your legs and it might feel good to dropthe knees surface to surface or to precisely extend the leg straight out in front of youjust little sluggish steady wary pushes to assist you secrete and unwindfrom that constitute and we’ll come into a winged dragon so this is similar tolizard pose so you’re coming up onto your hands and knees step your rightfoot to the outer edge of your right hand so both palms end up being to theinner edge of that leg and of that hoof you might want to pad your left knee alittle bit here if it feels like it’s going to be uncomfortable we are herefor a few minutes so you can always double up your rug or articulate a blanketthere and then lift the right toes up and start to roll on the outer boundary sothe outer blade of your title paw so the sole of the foot is not really onthe flooring anymore you’re externally rotating that liberty trendy and keeping theknee and the ankle in that same line you can work the pose from here staying uponto your palms or you can come up onto some blocks or you can go deeper into itby lowering down onto your forearms and my favorite thing to do here is to loweronto the forearms and then I time settled a block underneath the forehead so my neckdoesn’t really have to work let gravity do the work for you here tryto find your side and you’ll know you’ve gone past your hem if you have a hardtime relaxing and telling going to be home the pose we’re not looking forward to a crazy extent ofsensation just a moderate quantity of stress stress is a good thingin yin yoga it merely necessitates it is the stress we are applying to the seams andto the connective tissues the stress of the constitute in order to improve our rangeof motion let’s raising our way out of the pose herestep by step if you are down on your forearms start by lifting back up onto thehands and turn the right toes to face forward once more and establish your highway backinto your tabletop constitute uncurling the matting if that’s what you are doing and itmight feel good to exactly press the hips back take a few hip cliques only get theblood flowing again and we’ll go and do the same thing on the second side sothis time you’ll have to step your left foot forward to the outer edge of yourleft hand perhaps pad your claim knee you’re goingto promote your left toes up and start to rotate your left thigh down so you’rerolling to the outer edge of your left footkeeping that foot flexed and time press the trendies forward and down you might havemore or less flexibility on this area so don’t worry about having the exact sameexperience revise if you need to either on your hands on a block or down to theforearms so as you set and find some ease here in this pose bring yourbreath back down into the kidneys into the internal groin wherever you feel thisthe most relaxing the jaw the shoulders take your last five deep breaths now and then ease your way out same what youdid on that first side back up onto the handwritings pointing the left toes forward andthen moving back tabletop pose you can move your block out of the lane if youhad been using one take a few wheezes exactly to let the hips agree will changethe focus away from the hips for the next two poses and move into the spine alittle bit more so simply lower onto your belly come into your sphinx pose soforearms flat to the ground shoulders and handwritings about shoulder thicknes distanceapart maybe a little bit wider even pressing down through every singlefinger pad pull your shoulders back and lift the chest up so you verify howdeep you go in this back bend bring your shoulders closer in towards you to go alittle further into it or stroll them out in front to minimize the severity of thispose my all-time favorite constitutes the toes are reaching back there’s a gentle innerspiral of the upper thighs so the hamstrings in the back of the thighs arefacing up towards the ceiling developing room through the sacrumwidening the sit bones tailbone contacting towards the heels maybe causing the eyes close and this isa really great pose to breathe into the kidneys it’s up to you you are able to support thesame pose for another minute and a half or two minutes or so or you cantransition in to close so a deeper backbendby pressing the palms into the ground and face-lift up joints off the mat wewant to be careful not to hyperextend or fasten the shoulders tiny little bend here some constriction is OK through thesacrum that’s actually what we’re looking for but there should never everbe any kind of anguish at all so if it’s too much either producing the shoulders back tothe storey or you can exactly walk your palms a little further out in frontof you find that sweet recognize where you can holdthe pose find your edge and resolve to be still then your final option for our lastminute or so if you wanted to go even deeper into this compression you canbend both knees as if you were trying to bring your toes towards the crown ofyour president but not perturbing at all they’re not supposed to touch but justbend the knees and investigate what that changes what that does for your low back itmight be too much and if that’s the case keep the shins on the grind these arejust options and straighten the legs if you had yourknees bent bend the elbows before we move to another constitute exactly turn one ear tothe ground rest your arms beside you palms face up fetching the toes in towardsone another Heels leaning away from each other you can shake a little bit justrelease the low-pitched back freeing the pelvis move your palms back alongside theshoulders the ribcage and only raising your behavior back up we’ll move into Caterpillarso a forward bend before we do this forward fold simply bring your feet flaton the flooring and your hands back behind you we’re just going to do a windshieldwiper flow with the knees so giving the legs plunge from one line-up to the nextso really great to do after a back crouch a depth back bend especially becausewe’re folding forward right after so we want to give our spine the chance tosettle and liberate and from here reach your legs out in front of you feel freeto keep a generous deflect in your knees peculiarly if you’re working with anyinjuries or you can sit up on a block so this is a yin yoga passive fold whichmeans it’s perfectly fine to let your spine round and you can have your blocksor any kind of props close in towards you just let yourself fold in and I like toturn the palms to face up here too so we’re not driving or plucking justsoftening into the shape relax your neck and your intelligence the props are optional here some peopleprefer to just let their ability hang and that works too notice that the upper person is stilltrying to work soften the chest soothe the legs let yourself naturally narrated in thepose now be really mindful of your lowerback and of your backbone as we impel our way out of this pose so really engagingthe arms again palms to the mat make your time to lift back up inch by inch till you’re sitting all the way back upand we’re going to lower down to our backs taking a lying spinal spin before wecome into shavasana our final rest constitute so let yourself come down to thefloor keep your knees stooped feet flat on the mat and reach your arms out to theside you’re going to press your feet down lift the hips and move your hipsjust a duet inches over to the realization of the rights before telling both knees drop down tothe left so right shoulder remains fixed where it is you can hold hereor you can go a little deeper by sweep the liberty thigh over the left I’m really only doing this pose to helprelease any hitches we might have gotten in our low-toned back from the back flex andthe forward deform and I pretty much ever finish my yinyoga classifies with this pose let’s uncross the legs to lift them backup one at a time and we’ll move into our change on the other side so your hipsshould go all the way to the left and then the knees will drop down to theright either merely stacking one leg over the other or bridging your left thighover your title try to keep your left shoulder blade pressing down to thefloor so the collarbones face up and you justtwist from the mid and low-pitched back making deep slow and steady bellybreaths and let’s lift the knees back up become your direction into shavasana your finalresting pose taking up space with the weapons and the legs palms facing up take amoment to really notice how you feel now as opposed to when you first stepped ontoyour matted feel the subtle shiftings in your physical body and the energetic person come heavy-laden on the grind start to deepen your wheeze wakingyourself up by wiggling paws and toes reeling the wrists and the anklesturning the top side to place you can take a big stretchreaching the arms overhead you can keep the eyes closed we’re just going to makeour course to take a seat so closing our practise the same way we started itcross-legged or stooping any action that’s comfortable for you sitting up talllet’s bring our hands together at the breast of the heartbowing in we’ll close our practise together by chanting one ohm so inhaling to chantinhale bringing the thumbs to the third eyetogether as we bow we say namaste thank you all so much for doing this practicewith me I do hope you experienced it and if you did satisfy do subscribe to mychannel it makes a huge difference truly is a lot to me I put out a newfull-length yoga class every single Thursday and as of today I still haveabout five or six spots left in my upcoming lunar yoga program soregistration closes for the month of January on December 31 st unless all thespots fill up beforehand so if you want to learn more about that and affiliate ourwonderful community of women you can click the link down below in thedescription casket thanks for coming so much better guys have a phenomenal epoch namaste

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