0 to 5 in 30 Minutes! —- “Let’s Get Moving!” — Yoga as a family

children who rule yoga learned early on how to tune into their bodies in today’s let’s get moving segment dr. jody hironaka Sciuto shows us how yoga can also strengthen the families that activity together leading by illustration it’s a great rule of thumb when working to get your children up and moving whether it’s playing football at a common or assembling a Mommy and Me class at the community center these are great physical acts for both you and your child and trying out brand-new things can be fun for the entire family we’re at perfect balance yoga in Fresno and willing to participate in the girls and family yoga class do everything welcome Joey Yoga is a great physical undertaking that are participating the whole body participants including young children learn to tune into their bodies there’s a couple of things when we do you know we want to pay attention to first and foremost we want to pay attention to our bodies and what our torsoes are telling us there are many yoga poses that come from nature such as the tree constitute “cat-o-nine-tail” moo-cow pose Cobra and others make your hoof like their chamber and applied them into the ground and then let those roots support the trunk of the tree your legs it can help with strength coordination and flexibility yoga can enhance self-awareness and self-esteem children connect with their internal imagination and creativity they likewise connect with nature and learn how to respect the earth my son my nature everyone in my through breathing and musing employs we can learn to let go of stress mollify ourselves and focus to do our very best so there you have it a enjoyable adaptable household pleasure yoga hires the body mind and flavour and by getting the whole family involved it could just become a lifetime leisure activity looks like you guys got a good pull thanks Jody and you can find more interesting activities and tips important to parents and caregivers by going to see our Facebook page you can sign up to become a fan by be present at the 0 to 5 in 30 minutes website this program funded in part by first five fresno county at first five we are concentrated on the first five years of life we money such programmes and services that better the lives of children in fresno county additional funding from the first five Tulare County changing lives and building futures because it’s all about the teenagers

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