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Yoga – An Easy Way To Stay Healthy – Part 1

Yoga is known to improve the flexibility, strength and stamina of body muscles, boost self esteem, improve level of concentration, reduce body fat, improve blood circulation, and also teach a sense of well being to individuals who indulge in regular practices of the yoga asanas.

Bikram Yoga – What Is It And Who Started It?

Do you know what Bikram yoga is? Do you know who the founder of this type of yoga is? You will want to make sure that you learn all you can about this type of yoga before you attempt it. This yoga is a more physical yoga than some of the other types. Make sure that you know whether you can handle this type before you try it.

Yoga Plans for Anxiety Relief

Many of us have heard a co-worker or friend say, “I would love to try a Yoga class, but I don’t have time for Yoga practice.” Here’s another good one: “I’m going to start eating better lunches, when I have time to pack one.” To live a healthier lifestyle will establish control of our habits and reduce anxiety altogether. Let’s look at some strategies for ridding or reducing anxiety in your life.

Yoga Strategies for Anxiety Relief

Yoga classes offer a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sometimes Yoga students develop bonds outside the class because they are “like minded” people, with a pro-active view toward life. The people you socialize with each day will “make you or break you.”

Scam – Yoga In A Hot Room – Part 1

This is the first part of a 2 part series of articles explaining the marketing and science of working out in the heat. Doing ‘hot’ yoga and exercising in hot rooms is becoming a new fad. A quick search on the internet reveals many outlandish claims about the benefits of hot yoga, some of which are completely false. Find out what really happens to your body in these ‘hot’ workouts and then decide if you think they are still worth doing.

More Yoga Strategies for Anxiety Relief

Dr. Madan Kataria is on to something, as laughter could be combined with Pranayama sessions for maximum benefits. In life, there is a shortage of laughing. Unfortunately, too many people take themselves too seriously.

Practice Yoga for Anxiety Relief

Could Yoga have all the answers to anxiety? Why is it that anxiety, stress, and unhappiness take over so many people’s lives? If you listen to a “doubting Thomas,” nothing works, but if you read below, you will see some solutions.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Gifts To Give Your Yoga Students

Many people look at the word “gift” as a tangible present, but you can give Yoga students good memories and valuable lessons, which last a life time. Below are a few priceless gifts for Yoga students.

How to Become a Yoga Teacher Who Everyone Wants to Learn From

What are a Yoga teacher’s biggest challenges? Is it the hours of Yoga teacher training? Is it the continuing education? No, education and certification can be a challenge, but it’s none of these issues that make up the biggest challenge.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Student Retention Tips

What separates successful Yoga teachers from the rest? Yoga studios and ashrams are founded on a core of students who keep coming back to classes. We often refer to this as “student retention.” Let’s look at some methods to keep your students coming back for more Yoga classes.

Yoga Cure for Hypertension

Hypertension is mainly caused by improper working of arteries and heart which is ultimately controlled by our brain impulse. So if we are able to calm our brain it’s possible to calm our body parts too. Yoga provides a unique technique to handle this.

Free Yoga Exercises Online

Yoga is becoming ever more popular with people all over the world. It is a way of finding your inner peace and becoming one with yourself.

The Purpose of Yoga – Harnessing Empowerment with Jnana Yoga

Do you feel that good things always happen to other people? If someone told you Yoga could change your life exponentially would you believe them? Positive change starts from within. Yoga will help you from the inside out, but you must believe you deserve better, envision it, take action, and never give up.

A Discussion of Yoga For Arthritis

Should someone with arthritis practice yoga? Will yoga for arthritis have any real benefits for the arthritic individual? This small article seeks to address the issues about yoga and arthritis.

The Purpose of Yoga – Empowerment with Jnana Yoga

Being smart does not translate into being successful. You could memorize libraries of information, but if you do not apply any of it to real life, it is just trivia. Applied knowledge must be put into action for self empowerment to take place.

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