घर बैठे योग शिक्षक बनें Free Online Yoga Teacher Training Course by Nityanandam Shree

Namaskaram( Salutes) those who want to become Yog teacher at the ease of your home and that extremely without incurring any fees and costs more we learn Yog because if you have the desire to learn then I am ready to help you I have created a brand-new direct whose name is Nityanandam Shree you can search it in YouTube and get connected to that channel I come live in that channel daily and then I provide training to become Yog Teacher along with Yog teacher training Yog teacher should not only have knowledge of Yog he should understand food too he should know the basic rules of Ayurved he should understand everything those things likewise I will school there and it is never too late to learn if you are of any senility residing in any country…What ever drudgery you may do … keep doing that … but take the training from me simultaneously you won’t have to incur any expense all you have to do is … whatever I will be coaching you you just have to follow that and gradually and steadily you will become Yog teacher staying at your dwelling although I won’t supplying them with any authorization for that this is just as a hobby there is no limit to fulfil your hobby no one will stop you and say that this is wrong the one who desires to learn will even cross the 7 oceans to learn you might know that Eklavya learnt everything just by saving the representation of his Guru time by rehearse and by considering that effigy as his Guru … here at least I can talk to you live although I know there are some limitation too in this method I am not able to see whether you may want to get it on perfectly or not…still … “if youre having” that burning desire to learn … then you will be able to do it … request you to connect with Nityanandam live path along with it connect to Nityanandam Shree which is this one and Nityanandam Ayurveda … come is linked to both the paths and subscribe to the new path too … so that whatever I teach you … it gets be included in your existing insight that’s all for today … Namaskaram( Good Bye )( Translated By: Anirban Karmakar ).

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